Windows 10 gets an exclusive task manager for games

Today, the Windows 10 task manager offers us multiple possibilities, such as monitoring the CPU, GPU and memory that are being used by various applications. Unfortunately, accessing this important information is not always the most comfortable, forcing us to exit the game many times. Luckily, it seems that Microsoft now plans to make this task a little easier.

As Windows Central reports , a new Task Manager widget was added to the Xbox bar in the latest Insider beta. This allows you to open a lighter version of the manager directly from the game via an overlay. We can see which applications are consuming CPU, RAM, GPU or disk resources and close them immediately.

Those who want to use the Task Manager widget now will need to use the Xbox Insider Hub through the Windows Store. Otherwise, you will have to wait for this widget to be added to the OS through the usual updates.

Additionally, this new feature has third-party development tools for custom widgets, all Xbox Live social features, Spotify integration, and much more.

Do you like the new manager for games that we will have in Windows 10?