Wasteland 3 looks like a Fallout 5 from a parallel universe in which Doom never existed

Wasteland 3, inXile’s sequel to the series that eventually became Fallout, will be released on May 19, 2020.

In Colorado, it continues shivering, after the series was revived in style in 2014 and very competent. This time, you can experience the story in co-op. Since one has probably smeared at Divinity Original Sin?

It works in the new trailer (see below) directly like the “real” continuation of the original Fallout concept. RPG talks, tactical round bouts from above, which you fight out with your companions against mutants and bandits.

The game will become part of the Xbox Game Pass on the console and PC as soon as it appears. But there will also be a PS4, Mac and Linux version.

Also it is possible since yesterday evening to pre-order the title.