These are the Xbox Game Pass games for January 2020

Microsoft has unveiled a new series of games that will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks . The release dates have already been revealed for the Xbox One games. For the PC games it is still a while waiting for the exact dates. In addition, there are unfortunately also some games that are leaving the offer this month.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox One owners can start working with Frostpunk: Console Edition and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet from January 9 . Tekken 7 will also be added on 16 January . PC gamers will also have access to Frostpunk in the course of the coming weeks and may also look forward to FTL: Faster Than Light .

Less good news is that Lego City Undercover and Just Cause 3 are leaving the offer this month. Not that you therefore have to be bored. Since last week, Grand Theft Auto 5 can also be played via the Xbox Game Pass .