The Xbox Scarlett won’t be more expensive than the PS5 or less powerful

You may have secretly hoped that a new generation of the Xbox could be introduced on yesterday’s X019. But the truth, it would probably be too naive to wish, it is just too early to come to market until Christmas 2020.

Microsoft has missed this topic altogether, hiding it for a similar event, maybe E3 2020, maybe sooner.

The absence of a new console has been replaced by at least a few statements on this subject that should not be overlooked:

“We won’t repeat the mistakes we’ve made with Xbox One, we’ve learned from them. Xbxo Scarlett won’t be out of the game in terms of performance or cost,” said Xbox boss Phil Spencer for The Verge .

He recalled that at the beginning of the current generation of consoles, the original Xbox One was one hundred dollars more expensive than PlayStation 4. He also admitted it was less powerful. This will not happen again.

At Microsoft, he says he is a self-confident team on the console that aims to succeed on the market. In other words, it can be interpreted as saying that the next Xbox will certainly not be more expensive than the PlayStation 5 (or that it might even be slightly cheaper) and that it will not be less efficient than the PS5.

Otherwise, Spencer thinks there will be a few more generations of consoles coming from Scarlett, so from the beginning he thinks of terms like backward compatibility or cross-play. It is also considering deeper interconnection with Discord.