Terminator: Resistance – Review

Terminator: Resistance offers a great pace of gameplay, but the fatal shooting mechanics effectively spoil the fun.

Terminator: Resistance accompanies the premiere of the latest part of the movie about rebel machines – “Terminator: Dark Destiny.” Unfortunately, like the cinema production, the game is not impressive and we are just waiting impatiently for the credits, although the creators did their best to attract us to the screen.

The game is a prequel to a series of films with Arnold Schwarzenegger and presents the story of war-torn US robots. We play the role of Jacob Rivers from the resistance movement, which was the only survivor of the band. When he encounters a group of other people, he decides to join them and fight the mechanical occupier.

The plot is a neatly told, typically American story. It contains pompous scenes, dialogues full of pathos and gives the impression that the fate of the world is in our hands. Sometimes it is kitschy and exaggerated, but it looks good, and recent missions build tension well before the climax.

Interestingly, the developers have implemented a dialogue system in the game . We are informed at the beginning that the decisions taken are relevant. In fact, it turns out that they affect the perception of us by other heroes. It should be borne in mind, however, that decisions relate to relations with camp members, not to the direct course of the story.

Building atmosphere goes worse. The creators, wanting to throw us into the heart of the conflict, use all kinds of techniques to achieve the effect of spectacular clashes and the seriousness of the situation. We have an effective slowing down of time, saving our allies at the last minute, a squeak in the ears after the scripted explosion scene or sacrifice of soldiers for the good. The problem is that all the scenes lack real momentum. In no way can you feel the global or personal drama here.

The essence of the game is to eliminate enemies with firearms. Unfortunately, the fatal mechanics completely discourage the use of rifles and pistols. Each shot seems flat and does not carry any threat. Enemies also do not respond significantly to damage, which only aggravates the feeling of lack of firepower. In the game FPS is a serious drawback, which is hard to downplay.

Fortunately, the creators decided to add RPG elements as well. While exterminating the waves of enemies and completing subsequent missions, we gain experience points that translate into new levels of the hero. We develop protagonist skills with every promotion. In this way, we increase the damage inflicted, develop the capacity of the backpack or gain the ability to open more difficult locks and hack control systems.

An important element is also the crafting system. While exploring the map, we acquire various materials that we use in the future to create other items. Initially, we have few options, but over time – with the development of the character – there are more. It is a pity that the list of items to be produced is small. The full potential of a system that works well has not been used.

The location constructions are closed, but the maps are quite large , which explains the use of the crafting system. Unfortunately, the landscapes themselves, although visually correct, quickly become monotonous. We spend most of our time in industrial, damaged areas, full of rusty cars and damaged buildings that are not much different from each other. In addition, the world is more like the Fallout series after an atomic bomb explosion than the landscape of armed conflict.

Technically, the game doesn’t look good. The characters’ animations are quite stiff and textures lack sharpness, which are often delayed, especially after loading the record.

Stability is also not a strong point of the Polish studio’s production. The game, tested on Xbox One X, almost constantly had problems keeping 30 frames. Only looking at the empty sky caused a sharp jump around 60 FPS. In extremely high intensity situations, there were complete image jams that regained moderate fluidity after two seconds.

Terminator: Resistance is an example of a production in which creators have fallen victim to their own ambition. You can see that interesting plans for a dynamic, action-packed shooter, quite strongly verified the insufficient budget. Although the perfect pace of the game and good ideas cannot be underestimated, it has not been possible to achieve the intended level of effectiveness and momentum.

good pace of the gamecrafting system

shallow shootingmonotonous locationsno sense of momentumliquidity problems