Tell Me Why is the new game from Dontnod Entertainment

Microft announced Tell Me Why at the X019 conference . That is the new game from Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of among others Life is Strange and Vampyr. Tell Me Why is an episodic game and launches in the summer of 2020.

Just like in Life, Strange is the emphasis on the story. You play the role of Tyler and Alyson, twins who grow up together in a small village in Alaska. The link between the two characters and the reliving of certain memories are central. It is up to you to determine whether or not you believe those memories.

Tyler is also a trangender character. According to Dontnod, this is the first time that a transgender has the leading role in an important game. The developer has therefore worked closely with GLAAD, an NGO that monitors the correct representation of gays, bi’s and transgender people in the media.

Just like all new titles from Microsoft, Tell Me Why also comes straight to the Xbox Game Pass.