Surgeon Simulator 2 can be played for free by healthcare professionals

Bossa Studios just announced that Surgeon Simulator 2 can be played for free by doctors, nurses, and surgeons who are part of the National Health Service of Great Britain (NHS). To have free access to the new title, health professionals must provide only an email address of the national health agency, which is in operation.

This simulator does not have much connection with real surgeries, performed in 2020. The objective is to offer an entertainment option for these professionals. In a press release, the company itself called in a real doctor to speak.

“Surgeon Simulator 2 is NOT a viable medical training tool at all,” said Dr. Idris Morgan.

This means that the ultimate goal is in no way to contribute to the training of new doctors. The simulator is not a substitute for normal learning practices. The title is known for bringing an old-fashioned, physics-based model of surgery, with tools that are not common in operating rooms.

“However, I enjoy playing video games in my spare time and I am sure that medical professionals around the world will find Bossa’s interpretation of medicine and the possibility of five-second heart transplants very amusing,” said Dr. Idris Morgan. .

In 2020 the importance of healthcare professionals became even more apparent. Most doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers have long and grueling work hours. Bossa Studios offers a fun way to see your own profession, relieving the stress of everyday life.

NHS health professionals can redeem your copy for free until October 22. To date, the company provides this license only to workers from Great Britain.

There is still no mention of the possibility that other countries also have free access to the game.