Sky , the new game from the creators of Journey , will have cross-play on consoles

If you are a follower of the works of the developer thatgamecompany from flOw , Flower and Journey , you are surely waiting for Sky: Children of the Light on consoles, since, unlike the mobile edition, the version for home systems is not yet available. Unfortunately, there is still no release date for home systems, but Jenova Chen anticipated that they will include a much-requested feature today.

The co-founder of thatgamecompany Jenova Chen shared a few more details in an interview with MCV / Develop (via Nintendo Everything ) about the console versions of his mobile game Sky: Children of the Light , which are expected to arrive in the future, but there is no defined date For those who are waiting for these editions, there is good news, as the developer said that the title will have cross-play or cross-play in terms of the console environment.

“Our game runs on iPad, on PC, will run on consoles in the future. In the future it will be available across all platforms. And, whether you have PlayStation or Switch, we will support cross-play, ”said Jenova Chen.

This makes a lot of sense because the game emphasizes the social aspect, so there is no better way to achieve the union of people than leaving hardware limitations aside. In case you don’t know, in Sky: Children of the Light you can control a Child of the Light and you can interact with others in the world at the same time you explore it, making it a shared experience. In fact, there is a system to show appreciation towards other people through hugs and other adorable gestures .

And you, do you expect the launch on consoles of Sky: Children of the Light ? How do you receive cross-play support? Will you play it with family or friends? Tell us in the comments.

Sky: Children of the Light is on sale on mobile devices with Android and iOS since last year . It is expected to reach consoles, but there is still no date or launch window. You can find more news about this proposal if you check this page .