Resident Evil 3 remake much sooner than thought

Not that it was not known, on the contrary, it has been talked about since December 2018 .

However, only now the remake of Resident Evil has 3 proper outlines. And there is no doubt that it will build on the great success of the two, whose remake overcomes the sales of the original .

First, the gossip came to the SpawnWave Youtube channel , after which his information was confirmed by sources of colleagues from the British Eurogamer or Gematsu.

The most interesting thing is that the game is due to be launched next year, even in spring 2020

Resident Evil 3

This has not yet been envisaged that it could be so soon, respectively. that the distance from two of this January would be so short, just a year and something. On the other hand, Capcom probably wants to make it before the arrival of PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox, it would give logic, even according to the proverb “iron for as long as it is hot”.

Officially, the Japanese publisher refused to comment in any way on the EG’s question. It seemed that he wants to focus on the multiplayer turn of Project Resistance .

However, if the remake of RE3 has been in full production since the end of 2018, then it would be almost all possible. What do you expect will be officially announced in mid-December at The Game Awards 2019 …?