Pokémon Sword and Shield Guide – All evolutions of Evoli

Evoli returns to Pokémon Sword and Shield and has also brought along a lot of evolutive developments . You can not count them all on one hand, there are so many. wich is very similar to Eevee Evolutions

Of course, there is an important question: What is needed to get all these developments? Blitza, Aquana, Flamara and their names. The good news is that many of them are not a big challenge, only some of them need to meet certain conditions in advance to make it work.

evolutions of Evoli

Therefore, we tell you on this page, what to do, so you get the respective developments.

Evoli evolutions
Evoli can be found on Route 4.

Where you find Evoli

Of course, before you can develop an Evoli in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you first have to find one. You have to go to Route 4 , where an Evoli can appear at any time of the day in the respective fields. Keep your eyes open. Then weaken it first in combat and then throw a Pokéball to secure it for you. Bear in mind that Evoli appears very rarely here , so you may be looking for it a while afterwards. Always go from field to field.

How you develop Evoli

In most cases, Evoli’s development in Pokémon Sword and Shield is straightforward. It must have reached at least level 15 and then you need a special stone to trigger a development of Evoli.

Developing Evoli to Aquana Requires
Level 15, Waterstone
Location: Travel in the Nature Zone to Lake Milza (East). Go to the left and over the bridge, where you stand at the city wall. In addition to a Pokémon nest you should find a pebble with waterstone.

Evoli to develop Blitza
Requirement: Level 15, Thunderstone
Location: you embark on Milza Lake (east) and from there towards Milotic Lake (north). At the back right next to the bridge you can see a plateau and above you should find a Pokéball with Thunder Stone hidden behind grass.

Develop Evoli to Flamara
Requirement: Level 15, Flint Locality
: From Milza Lake (east), head left over the bridge. On the other hand, on the left side of the city wall, you should already be able to see a Pokéball in which you find the flint.

Evoli to develop Folipurba
Requirement: Level 15, Leaf Stone
Location: In Turffield you drive from the Pokémon Center to the left to a crossroads. Take the path to the left and down to the dead end. There you should see a hidden object sparkle: a leafstone.

Evoli to develop Glaceon
Requires Level 15 Ice Stone
Location: On Route 9 can you the Eisstein by the angler Sabine in the left indentation of the Circhester book received.

Further locations of development stones

In Brückental you will find the Buddel brothers . In exchange for watts they dig for objects for you, including development stone. In addition, you will find on the small island in the tantrum lake a stone circle, where development stones can be found.

So you develop Evoli to Psiana and Nachtara

So far that has been pretty easy, with Psiana and Nachtara it gets a little bit more complicated in the Pokémon sword and shield. Firstly, it is necessary to increase your friendship with Evoli by feeding the Pokémon, fighting with him or playing with him at Poké-Camping. If your friendship has reached the maximum value, you still have to take another step up. Pay attention to the time of day. During the day Evoli become Psiana and at night, Evoli become Nachtara .

How you develop Evoli into Feelinara

Remains Feelinara. Again, it is important to first strengthen your friendship with Evoli . In addition, the Evoli in Pokémon Sword and Shield must master a fairy-type attack. One way to do this is, for example, the Kullerye Attack, which is available early in the game. If the prerequisites are met, Evoli evolves to Feelinara the next step.