Pokémon GO type chart: learn all about the elements!

The types in Pokémon GO , also called elements, are a fundamental characteristic for the success in the combats. Each type has its resistances and weaknesses, in addition to having different levels of effectiveness in its attacks. Knowing how each element works is essential to beating every opponent you come across.

Pokémon go type chart Guide

In this article, we present you the complete table with the 18 types of Pokémon GO , along with the damage multipliers. After the table, we share some insights about double-type Pokémon, as there are some nuances that you should take into account.

Complete table of types, effectiveness and resistances

The table of elements for Pokémon GO is divided into five columns, with the effectiveness and resistances of each type. As you will see later, there are types that either have extra resistance against certain elements, or their attacks are much less effective than others.

The multipliers that apply are:

  • Super Effective Against : The Pokémon deals 1.6x damage to the enemy.
  • Not very effective against : the Pokémon does 0.625x damage to the enemy, or 0.391x if the enemy is very resistant.
  • Resistant Against : The Pokémon takes 0.625x damage from the enemy, or 0.39x if it is very resistant to the enemy.
  • Weak Against : The Pokémon takes 1.6x damage from the enemy.

We must clarify that immunities no longer exist in Pokémon GO .

TypeSuper effective againstLittle effective againstResistant againstWeak against
Steel Type Pokémon GOSteelDeals 1.6x damage to:FairyIcerockDeals 0.625x damage to:SteelWaterElectricFireTake 0.625x damage from:SteelBugDragonFairyIceNormalPlantPsychicrockFlyingTake 0.39x damage from:PoisonTake 1.6x damage from:FireFightland
Water Type Pokémon GOWaterDeals 1.6x damage to:FirerocklandDeals 0.625x damage to:WaterDragonPlantTake 0.625x damage from:SteelWaterFireIceTake 1.6x damage from:ElectricPlant
Bug Type Pokémon GOBugDeals 1.6x damage to:SinisterPlantPsychicDeals 0.625x damage to:SteelGhostFireFairyFightPoisonFlyingTake 0.625x damage from:FightPlantlandTake 1.6x damage from:FireFlyingrock
Dragon Type Pokémon GODragonDeals 1.6x damage to:DragonDeals 0.625x damage to:SteelDeals 0.391x damage to:FairyTake 0.625x damage from:ElectricFirePlantWaterTake 1.6x damage from:DragonFairyIce
Electric Type Pokémon GOElectricDeals 1.6x damage to:FlyingWaterDeals 0.625x damage to:DragonElectricPlantDeals 0.391x damage to:landTake 0.625x damage from:ElectricFlyingSteelTake 1.6x damage from:land
Ghost Type Pokémon GOGhostDeals 1.6x damage to:GhostPsychicDeals 0.625x damage to:SinisterDeals 0.391x damage to:NormalTake 0.625x damage from:BugPoisonTake 0.39x damage from:FightNormalTake 1.6x damage from:SinisterGhost
Fire Type Pokémon GOFireDeals 1.6x damage to:BugPlantIceSteelDeals 0.625x damage to:DragonFirerockWaterTake 0.625x damage from:BugFireFairyPlantIceSteelTake 1.6x damage from:landrockWater
Fairy Type Pokémon GOFairyDeals 1.6x damage to:SinisterDragonFightDeals 0.625x damage to:FirePoisonSteelTake 0.625x damage from:BugSinisterFightTake 0.39x damage from:DragonTake 1.6x damage from:PoisonSteel
Ice Type Pokémon GOIceDeals 1.6x damage to:DragonFlyingPlantlandDeals 0.625x damage to:FireIceSteelWaterTake 0.625x damage from:IceTake 1.6x damage from:FightFirerockSteel
Fighting Type Pokémon GOFightDeals 1.6x damage to:SinisterIceNormalrockSteelDeals 0.625x damage to:BugFairyFlyingPoisonPsychicDeals 0.391x damage to:GhostTake 0.625x damage from:BugSinisterrockTake 1.6x damage from:FairyFlyingPsychic
Normal Type Pokémon GONormalNoneDeals 0.625x damage to:rockSteelDeals 0.391x damage to:GhostTake 0.39x damage from:GhostTake 1.6x damage from:Fight
Plant Type Pokémon GOPlantDeals 1.6x damage to:landrockWaterDeals 0.625x damage to:BugDragonFireFlyingPlantPoisonSteelTake 0.625x damage from:ElectricPlantlandWaterTake 1.6x damage from:BugFireFlyingIcePoison
Psychic Type Pokémon GOPsychicDeals 1.6x damage to:FightPoisonDeals 0.625x damage to:PsychicSteelDeals 0.391x damage to:SinisterTake 0.625x damage from:FightPsychicTake 1.6x damage from:BugSinisterGhost
Rock Type Pokémon GOrockDeals 1.6x damage to:BugFireFlyingIceDeals 0.625x damage to:FightlandSteelTake 0.625x damage from:FireFlyingNormalPoisonTake 1.6x damage from:FightPlantlandSteelWater
Sinister Type Pokémon GOSinisterDeals 1.6x damage to:GhostPsychicDeals 0.625x damage to:SinisterFightFairyTake 0.625x damage from:SinisterGhostTake 0.39x damage from:PsychicTake 1.6x damage from:BugFightFairy
Ground Type Pokémon GOlandDeals 1.6x damage to:ElectricFirePoisonrockSteelDeals 0.625x damage to:BugPlantDeals 0.391x damage to:FlyingTake 0.625x damage from:PoisonrockTake 0.39x damage from:ElectricTake 1.6x damage from:PlantIceWater
Poison Type Pokémon GOPoisonDeals 1.6x damage to:PlantFairyDeals 0.625x damage to:GhostlandPoisonrockDeals 0.391x damage to:SteelTake 0.625x damage from:BugFightFairyPlantPoisonTake 1.6x damage from:landPsychic
Flying Type Pokémon GOFlyingDeals 1.6x damage to:BugFightPlantDeals 0.625x damage to:ElectricrockSteelTake 0.625x damage from:BugFightPlantTake 0.391x damage from:landTake 1.6x damage from:ElectricIcerock

It is important to learn this table well or have it handy. Only then will you know what beats Psychic-type, what is effective against Normal-type or the weaknesses of Dragon-type Pokémon. And now that you know what the effectiveness and resistances of each type are, let’s talk about double element Pokémons.

Multipliers in double-type Pokémon

Pokémons that have two elements assigned instead of one sometimes receive changes in multipliers. This is a detail to take into account to save us unexpected surprises. Take for example Bulbasaur, a Grass and Poison type Pokémon.

If you look at the type table above, both Grass and Poison are Grass resistant types. For that same reason, Bulbasaur gets double resistance against the Grass type, compared to Pokémon that are only of the Grass or Poison element.

Pokémongo type Table 2020

Another aspect that you should pay attention to is that, depending on the combination of types, resistance and weakness to a specific type can be neutralized. Plant is resistant to Earth, while Poison is vulnerable to it. For this reason, Bulbasaur does not get any multiplier relative to Earth for resistances. That happens multiple times!

Whenever you have a double-type Pokémon, be sure to see what its resistances and weaknesses are, which ones are neutralized, or which ones are doubled. Only then will you prepare well for the battles against other trainers in Pokémon GO .

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