Pokémon GO Guide – Table of types, strengths and weaknesses of each

Pokémon Go, like any other Pokémon game, revolves around a system of Pokémon types, in which one type is stronger or weaker than another, resulting in additional or reduced damage in battle.

The strengths and weaknesses of each type have evolved as generations have appeared, and although for a long time it will be a second language, for newbies it can be a bit confusing.

That is why we have made a few lists to know which is the best Pokémon in Pokémon Go and where to find the Pokémon by their type and location , but, to make it clearer, here you have our own table for all types of the game.

Battleboard: weak and strong points of each type of Pokémon

The Reddit user zehipp0 on The Silph Road was the first to transcribe the new specific table for Pokémon Go following the information extracted by Github , so thank you both for your work.

KindStrong againstWeak againstResistant toVulnerable to
NormalNoneRock, Ghost, SteelGhostFight
FightNormalFlying, Poison, Psychic, Bug, Ghost, FairyRock, Bug, SinisterFlying, Psychic, Fairy
FlyingFight, Bug, PlantRock, Steel, ElectricFight, Earth, PlantRock, Electric, Ice
PoisonPlant, FairyPoison, Earth, Rock, Ghost, SteelPoison, Plant, FairyEarth, Psychic
EarthPoison, Rock, Steel, Fire, ElectricFlying, Bug, PlantPoison, Rock, ElectricWater, Plant, Ice
rockFlying, Bug, Fire, IceFight, Earth, SteelNormal, Flying, Poison, FireFight, Earth, Steel, Water, Plant
BugPlant, Psychic, SinisterFight, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, FairyFight, Earth, PlantFlying, Rock, Fire
GhostGhost, PsychicNormal, SinisterNormal, Fight, Poison, BugGhost, Sinister
SteelRock, Ice, FairySteel, Fire, Water, ElectricNormal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel, Plant, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, FairyFight, Earth, Fire
FireBug, Steel, Plant, IceRock, Fire, Water, DragonBug, Steel, Fire, Plant, IceEarth, Rock, Water
WaterEarth, Rock, FireWater, Plant, DragonSteel, Fire, Water, IcePlant, Electric
PlantEarth, Rock, WaterFlying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Plant, DragonEarth, Water, Plant, ElectricFlying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice
ElectricFlying, WaterEarth, Plant, Electric, DragonFlying, Steel, ElectricEarth
PsychicFight, poisonSteel, Psychic, SinisterFight, PsychicBug, Ghost, Sinister
IceFlying, Earth, Plant, DragonSteel, Fire, Water, IceIceFight, Rock, Steel, Fire
DragonDragonSteel, FairyFire, Water, Plant, ElectricIce, Dragon, Fairy
FairyFight, Dragon, SinisterPoison, Steel, FireFight, Bug, Dragon, SinisterSinister, Steel
SinisterGhost, PsychicFight, Sinister, FairyGhost, Psychic, SinisterFight, Bug, Fairy

Type changes in Pokémon GO

As you may have noticed, there are no type immunities in Pokémon Go, unlike the main series. The immunities that have been eliminated are the following:

  • Earth immune to electric
  • Earth immune flyer
  • Ghost immune to Normal and Fight
  • Normal and Fight immune to Ghost
  • Poison Immune Steel
  • Sinister Immune Psychic
  • Fairy immune to Dragon

Finally, it is worth noting that in Pokémon Go there are a few changes in the traditional types that we see in the traditional series.

  • The ‘not very effective’ and ‘super-effective’ movements cause 0.8x and 1.25x damage, instead of 0.5x and 2x of the main series.
  • Sinister-type Pokémon are not in the game, simply because none of the original 151 Pokémon had that type when they showed up. They do, however, have Sinister movements.

Generally, taking the types into account will have less effect than the one in the main games. That is due to the reduced role of battles currently in Go, but also because the effect of one type against another is less. We also have less control over the Pokémon we can find for our team, which is part of the reason why these damage modifiers have been balanced.