Pokémon GO Guide – Stalking in the shadows

Stalking in the shadows continues the story of the invasion of Team Rocket in Pokémon Go .

In this series of Special Research Tasks you will help Professor Willow to investigate why Team Go Rocket is invading the Poképaradas. In the process you will have to fight against the three Leaders of Team Go Rocket – Cliff, Arlo and Sierra – to end up facing Giovanni himself.

Completing each step of the mission will reward you with experience and objects to help you in Pokémon Go.

How ‘Stalking in the Shadows’ works in Pokémon Go

Research Tasks, which allow you to complete challenges in exchange for rewards, were introduced in Pokémon Go in March 2018.

There are two types of Research Tasks: Field Research and Special Research.

Field Investigations can be completed at any time, while the Specials are the same for all players and have a specific order.

Stalking in the shadows is a Special Research Task that advances the history of the game.

Team Go Rocket and its hordes of Dark Pokémon are invading the Poképaradas around the world. Although coaches around the world are fighting against this criminal organization, Team Go Rocket Leaders are developing a more ambitious plan.

The mission consists of six steps and each of them consists of three individual challenges. You will receive rewards for the challenges and also for the general steps. Among the rewards is the possibility of fighting Giovanni and then capturing a legendary Dark Pokémon, such as Dark Articuno.

To start Stalking in the shadows you will have to first complete A Worrying Situation, the tutorial of the fighting against Team Go Rocket.

How to complete all the ‘Stalking in the Shadows’ missions

These are all the steps of the quests and rewards of Stalking in the shadows. Warning: if you don’t want to know what happens during the missions, you can find spoilers.

‘Stalking in the shadows’ Step 1 of 6

  • Visit 10 Poképaradas (500 XP)
  • Defeat 3 recruits from Team Go Rocket (500 XP)
  • Capture 1 Dark Pokémon (500 XP)

Rewards: 500 Polvoestelar, 10 Pokéballs, 10 Berries Frambú

‘Stalking in the shadows’ Step 2 of 6

  • Visit a Poképarada 5 days in a row (750 XP)
  • Purify 15 Dark Pokémon (750 XP)
  • Win 5 raids (750 XP)

Rewards: 1,000 Dust Stars, 3 Hyperpolations, 3 Revive

‘Stalking in the shadows’ Step 3 of 6

  • Use 6 Super Effective Loaded Attacks in Gym Fights (1000 XP)
  • Win 3 matches of the Grand League of Coaches against another Coach (1000 XP)
  • Defeat 6 recruits from Team Go Rocket (1000 XP)

Rewards: 1,500 Powder Star, 15 Super Balls, 5 Berry Latano

‘Stalking in the shadows’ Step 4 of 6

  • Defeat Team Ar Rocket Leader Arlo (1000 XP)
  • Defeat the Cliff Leader of Team Go Rocket (1000 XP)
  • Defeat the Sierra Leader of Team Go Rocket (1000 XP)

Rewards: 2,000 Powder Star, Super Radar Rocket, 3 Golden Frambu Berry

‘Stalking in the shadows’ Step 5 of 6

  • Find the Head of Team Go Rocket (2,500 Dust)
  • Fight against the Head of Team Go Rocket (1,500 XP)
  • Defeat the Team Go Rocket Chief (3 Silver Pinia Berry)

Rewards: 3,000 Powder Star, 1 MT Fast, 1 MT Charged

‘Stalking in the shadows’ Step 6 of 6

These three objectives will already be complete and will give you 2,000 XP each.

Rewards: 3 Revivir Max, 20 Ultra Balls, 3 Carameloraro

More important information about ‘Stalking in the Dark’ in Pokémon Go

Here are some tips to help you complete Looming in the Shadows:

  • Make sure you have enough Potions and Revive before fighting against Team Rocket recruits, because Dark Pokémon are much harder than normal.
  • The Poképaradas invaded by Team Go Rocket have lost their color and tremble when you approach them.
  • Using Berries will help you capture the Dark Pokémon you find.
  • Once you have created a Radar Rocket you will not be able to collect Mysterious Components until you use it, so check the contents of your backpack.
  • Team Go Rocket Leaders are much stronger than recruits, so make sure you have Pokémon up to the occasion.

Good luck beating Team Rocket!