Pokémon GO Guide: how to beat cobalion in pokémon go

Cobalion , the Pokémon of the iron will, has come to Pokémon GO to impart justice.

The leader of the legendary mystic swordsmen quartet is a Steel and Fight Pokémon.

Like all Legendary Pokémon from Pokémon GO, Cobalion is available in five-star raids, so if you want to capture this Legendary Pokémon from Gen 5 you will need some trainers to help you.

Counters and weaknesses of Cobalion in Pokémon GO

Below you have a list of Cobalion counters that will help you quickly defeat him in the raids:

  • Cobalion Type: Steel and Fight
  • Cobalion is weak against: Fight, Earth and Fire type Pokémon
  • Cobalion Counters: Machamp, Flareon, Moltres, Entei, Blaziken, Hariyama and Chandelure
  • Other Cobalion data to keep in mind: Because Cobalion is a Steel type Pokémon, you should start the battle using a powerful Fire type Pokémon and switch to a Fight type Pokémon if you need it.
how to beat Cobalion

Cobalion CP in Pokémon GO

Cobalion should have the following CP ranges:

  • CP raid chief – 39,601
  • Normal CP to capture Cobalion – 1,727
  • CP Boost by weather (Snow) to capture Cobalion – 2,159

List of Cobalion moves in Pokémon GO

Cobalion can use different movements in Pokémon GO, including:

Possible fast movements:

  • Claw Metal (Metal)
  • Zen header (Psychic)

Possible movements loaded:

  • At close range (Fight)
  • Iron Head (Metal)
  • Sharp Rock (Rock)

Everything we know about Cobalion

Along with Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo, Cobalion is a member of the mystical Swordsmen who are in the Unova region. unlike eevee

Mystic Swordsmen protect other Pokémon from the threat of humans and their destruction of natural habitats. They have faced armies of humans when necessary.

A notable example of their bravery was when the mystic Swordsmen protected wild Pokémon during the Texas Swamp fire. Without their help, these Pokémon would have perished. Cobalion helped direct them out of the flames.

The Mystic Swordsmen is based on the novel of The Three Musketeers by Alejandro Dumas. Each member of this legendary quartet represents a musketeer, being Cobalion Athos. That explains why Cobalion is the leader of the mystic Swordsmen.