Pokémon GO Guide : Heatran counters, weaknesses and movement list

Heatran , the legendary Gen 4 Pokémon, arrived at Pokémon GO in late 2018.

Originally from the Sinnoh region, Heatran is a fire and steel type Pokémon, which makes it very effective against bug and plant type Pokémon, among others.

With all the legendary Pokémon Go 5 gen Pokémon, Heatran can be found in the five star raids. That means that if you want to add Heatran to your Pokédex, it’s a good idea to join forces with a pair of trainers for battle.

If you are lucky, you can get a Heatran shiny.

Heatran Counters and Weaknesses in Pokémon GO

Heatran counters and weaknesses in Pokémon GO are:

  • Heatran Type: Fire and Steel
  • Heatran is weak against: fighting, land and water Pokémon
  • Heatran Counters: Golem, Machamp, Swampert, Groundon, Kyogre, Rhyperior, Garchomp, Excadrill
  • Other information of Heatran: When the battle begins it is better to opt for a ground-type or fighting Pokémon, since they are more effective than those of the water type.
Heatran pokemon go

PC Heatran CP in Pokémon GO

Heatran should have the following PC ranges in Pokémon GO:

  • Raid Boss PC  49,192 PC
  • Normal PCs to capture Heatran – 2058 PC to 2145 PC
  • PC boost by weather (sunny or snowy) for capturing Heatran – 2573 pcs to 2681 pcs

Heatran moves list in Pokémon GO

Heatran can use fast and loaded attacks on Pokémon GO, including:

Possible rapid attacks:

  • Sting (Bug)
  • Fire spin (Fire)

Possible attacks loaded:

  • Flare (Fire)
  • Flamethrower (Fire)
  • Iron Head (Steel)
  • Sharp Rock (Rock)

Everything we know about Heatran

Heatran first appeared in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and could be found in the post-game zone, Hard Mountain. It is notable for being the only Legendary Pokémon that can be male or female.

Currently Heatran is also the only fire and steel type Pokémon. This unique combination reinforces the belief that Heatran comes from volcanoes; The fire type refers to lava, while the steel type represents the inner core of the Earth. Heatran looks alot like Terrakion

This legendary Pokémon first appeared on Pokémon GO from December 2018 to January 2019.