Pokémon Go Guide – All About Go Snapshot Functionality

For Android devices, however, you will need to install Google ARCore (an augmented reality kit) but the app will automatically take you to the Play Store.

You can see some of our photos below: unfortunately you can’t resize Pokémon – we tried to take a photo with an Arcanine but it literally took up the whole room.

Also, Snapshot mode is so far the only way you have to capture Smeargle, the only missing Pokémon from Gen 2.

Original: What’s New in Pokémon Go, Trainers! Niantic announced yesterday that a new feature is about to hit the game, called GO Snapshot. But what exactly is it? How to access? Is there any reward? These are some of the topics we will cover in this guide.

Pokémon Go – GO Snapshot

What is the Go Snapshot feature in Pokémon Go? Well, in a nutshell, Go Snapshot is a new AR experience in the Niantic game where you can take fabulous photos of the different creatures you’ve stored anywhere, anytime!

What is the purpose of this feature? GO Snaphot aims to give you a better way to interact with your Pokémon in AR and all you have to do is click on the new Poké Ball icon on the Pokémon details page. In the new Snapshot mode you can:

  • Search for a flat area to position your Pokémon.
  • Select a flat area and shoot a Pokeball where you want the Pokémon to appear.
  • Once the Pokémon is in position, move around it to get the best angle.
  • Cuddle the Pokémon to attract your attention and get the perfect image.
  • Take as many photos as you want. You can save them or share them on your social networks!

At the time of writing, this feature is not yet enabled in the game but we will keep you informed of any updates that come up on the mode. It is worth emphasizing that this mode will take advantage of the augmented reality advantages brought by ARKit, the AR development kit released by Apple.

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