Pokemon GO For Android users – All you need to know

Pokémon GO is the first great game in the Pokémon franchise to land on Android. 

And he does it in the hands of Niantic – Ingress Developers – with a title that combines the traditional magic of Nintendo games, with the good ideas demonstrated in his opera prima. 

The result: an adventure in which we will have to go out and move if we really want to become Pokémon trainers.

Any user who has previously played Ingress will quickly understand what the idea behind Pokémon GO is. And those who have not done so will not find too many problems. The game basically turns our city into a colossal video game scenario, with which we can interact. 

Pokemon go GPS

Thanks to the GPS of the Android device, our avatar inside the game will move next to us, so we will have to go outside to capture Pokémon.

Do you have a beach or a river near your position? Maybe it’s a good idea to walk around that area to find some water type Pokémon. Do you need plant type Pokémon for your collection? Maybe it’s time to picnic. Similarly, we can visit PokeStops, which are usually found in interesting places such as museums, artistic installations or historical places. In these PokeStops we can buy pokeballs and resupply before facing any rival coach.

Pokémon GO is an excellent role-playing and exploration game for Android. And it is in all aspects. The game is well optimized, has an elegant interface and has great graphics. The most important thing, in any case, is that it has lots of Pokémon waiting to be captured.


Until recently, it was impossible to imagine that we would have half a dozen official Pokemon video games for Android devices. 

Although some of them like Pokemon GO are widely known, the truth is that there are many other unknown titles even for fans of the saga. 

Here we list them.

Pokemon Masters

The last to arrive of all the listings is one of those that best rescue the essence of the franchise. Pokemon Masters propose us to participate in turn-based fighting with our team of creatures fighting at the same time. 

The adventure is set on the new island of Passio, where we will meet Pokemon of different generations and faces known as Misty or Brock.

Pokemon Duel

Named Pokémon Comaster in Japan, Pokémon Duel is the international adaptation of this official video game of The Pokémon Company in collaboration with the HEROZ Japan studio. 

In this case, the center of the experience is in the clashes against other real players through a curious virtual board game where the pieces are made up of the Pokémon themselves.

Pokemon shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle  is a puzzle game that could be downloaded through the eShop on Nintendo 3DS and later through Android devices. The title moves the experience of capturing and collecting Pokemon to the field of puzzles with short duration levels.

 As a coach we have to catch the creatures we face by moving pieces of a grid to make combinations in line with which to lower the life of the rival in a specific number of turns. 

All this mechanics is involved in a system of recovery of lives and items to improve the possibilities of capture and evolution where the heart of the matter and the business model.

Pokemon Quest

Nintendo Switch users were the first to enjoy this freemium game that later landed on mobile devices. Cube-based graphics may remind us of Minecraft, but its approach is far from that. 

In this case, we will alternate between small missions in the line of automatic real-time RPGs that proliferate on the platform,

to later manage our acquisitions in a base camp where we will evolve and improve our creatures.

Pokemon Rumble Rush

Again the formula taking other courses. In this case, the collecting of creatures is there, but the way to obtain them is something different. 

The missions we will face will propose us to control a Pokémon that will attack enemies by pounding the screen while collecting coins. 

The aesthetic, closer to stuffed animals than to monsters, together with the simplicity of the formula, makes it ideal for the little ones in the house

Pokemon GO

Little can we say about the fashion that had its peak in summer of last 2016, although today it continues to receive updates and new temporary events with which to revive the interest of the players. 

There are plenty of extensive explanations: we must travel the real world capturing Pokemon through its geolocation system and a curious mode of augmented reality in which the characters overlap the physical environment.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

As coaches, we will have to use Pokeballs to catch new Magikarps, buy food and enhancers in the store to make it grow and train it to increase their statistics . 

The so-called jump points will be the scale with which the capacity of our Pokémon is measured. 

What seems to be an internal joke with the most passive Pokemon of all generations has become a fun game of overcoming.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

The collectible card game set in the Pokemon universe has been active since 1995, offering the most approximate interpretation of the fighting seen in the videogames of the saga. 

In addition to sharing much of the nomenclature with Pokemon DUEL

there is the modality with real cards that, in fact, was the original that gave rise to the digital version. A must for the most diehard fans

Pokemon Camp

Camp Pokemon is still a curiosity with an official license in which we will tour an island in search of “pins”, which are nothing more than Pokemon stickers that we can use later in our photographs.


It made no sense that one of the main features of the Pokémon saga was not present in its incarnation for mobile devices.

 Announced a few days ago, today is finally available globally the new options to fight in real time against other coaches in 3vs3 fights.

The fourth generation first came to the saga with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for Nintendo DS in a distant 2006. This new game area had a subsequent reinterpretation in Pokémon Platinum. fifth generation Pokémons will follow along

Still Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup are already being added to the Pokedéx of many users, and the complete list of creatures that will be available is already known.

The new Pokémon will appear both wildly and when they are born again or in incursions,

although some of them will be available only in certain geographical areas as has happened on previous occasions: Chatot is only available in countries of the southern hemisphere,

Carivine in some parts of United States (based on a native subtropical carnivorous plant east coast) or Pachirisu in Canada and Alaska.

AR +: Augmented reality that takes into account the position

Enhanced augmented reality adds a new dimension to the Pokémon hunt. AR + makes wild Pokémon virtually on stage much more realistically . 

Now it will have a spatial location according to the distance we are from it, which adds an additional mechanics:

if we get too close to the creature to better hit our shot with the Pokeball it is possible that it will be scared and disappear, So we will have to walk stealthily.

To use the AR + we must have Android 7.0 or higher installed


It made no sense that one of the main features of the Pokémon saga was not present in its incarnation for mobile devices. 

Announced a few days ago, today is finally available globally the new options to fight in real time against other coaches  in 3vs3 fights

We can participate in any of the three leagues available according to the CP of our Pokémon team: Large (1500), Ultra (2500) and Master (higher). 

To access these options we have to go to the Nearby menu  where we can challenge other trainers by sharing or scanning a QR code. 

We can also face players in person, although they must be friends , whether Ultra or Friendship without equal.

as you can see in Stalking in the shadows or some other pokemon go events

The development of the confrontations is carried out in real time, being able to launch any of the two special abilities per character, in addition to having two protective shields in each combat.

 Of course, the Pokémon will in no case lose energy after the battle, and can also get stellar dusts or evolutionary items after the contest.

 Of course, healing items cannot be used while fighting.

Beyond this, it will also be possible to get daily rewards from both the team leader and the coaches. Regarding the latter, we can train with Blanche, Candela or Spark indistinctly to the team we have assigned.

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