Pokémon GO cheats – is it Possible ?

For those who don’t like cheaters we have good news: there are no Pokémon Go cheats , or not in the traditional sense. At the bottom of this page you will find some tricks that make sure you don’t have to get out of your lazy seat, but we only recommend this for Pokémon trainers who want to risk losing their account.

No Pokémon Go cheats?

Pokémon Go is more than anything else a social activity. It brings people together like no other app has been able to do so far. Almost every hour stories are circulating about a new Gym, and on internet forums players are en masse to catch Pokémon together at Pokéstops.

But in addition to working together there is of course also bitter rivalry. We are all people of flesh and blood, and competition is ingrained in our nature. As a result, everyone looks for the best Pokémon and all kinds of ways to outdo the rest. Some have also discovered cheats in Pokémon Go to get certain benefits very quickly. But we already want to warn you about the use of these cheats: cheating can have far-reaching consequences.

Just like many other apps, Pokémon Go is free-to-play (also abbreviated as F2P). This means that you don’t have to pay anything to play the game on your smartphone or other mobile device. As soon as you activate the app, it will connect to the GPS and to the internet. This way it is always clear to the app where you are, in order to activate the functions of the game. These include Pokéstops, Gyms and which Pokémon are in your area.

With F2P games there is normally no way to cheat. Or: there are no official cheats. And that’s why it’s so dangerous to cheat. Pokémon Go is so incredibly popular that it is a global phenomenon and there are several companies that provide ‘services’ that work outside of the game. For example, some companies offer unlimited amounts of Pokécoins. For that you have to send the name of your trainer and the region in which you play.

We want to emphasize strongly that you should not believe anything of this kind of promise. These companies cannot manipulate Pokémon Go, no matter how much they claim it. If you accept their offer, you can be lucky if nothing happens. It is more likely, however, that your account will be banned by developer Niantic, because it sees that you are trying to cheat. It is even worse when your personal data is spread to strangers, and you are also harassed by viruses.

Risk-free Pokémon Go cheats: exploits

However, what is a possibility is to use ‘exploits’. These are tricks that players discover to exploit certain systems of the game. Often these are minor errors that the developer has overlooked and will address in a future update. But until that time you can use it to collect more Pokéballs, for example, than you could do through the normal route.

As soon as we discover exploits that are useful and efficient, we update this page to tell you everything about it. This way you can legally acquire serious benefits in the addictive Pokémon Go.

Risky Pokémon Go cheats

A well-known cheat that has already done a lot on the internet is setting a false location on your GPS. For that you read our article Pokémon GO hack – GPS spoof for Android and iOS .

Again we want to warn you. The article itself clearly states this: there are risks associated with the use of the cheat. You can be banned and it is even possible that your smartphone will be damaged. Only use this if you are willing to accept the risks.

If you really don’t have any scruples, you can also try a Pokémon GO bone . You run this software on your PC.

The program sends GPS coordinates to the server at a fixed interval and in this way simulates a natural walk. The software then finds Pokémon in the area and automatically catches them. A bot can also farm items, hatch eggs and even evolve Pokémon. Basically everything a player does, but faster.

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