Pokémon GO: announced November events

This is definitely an important month for the famous Pokemon franchise. In fact, the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield is scheduled for tomorrow. It will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch and will present the new Galar region and of course the eighth generation of Pokémon, as well as many game mechanics never seen before.

But it’s not only that: during the day today, the Niantic Games development company announced the events that will characterize the November for Pokémon GO, the title for mobile that has had and continues to experience extreme success at the world level.

The events of the month of November will be in total 3: in fact, we will begin with the Super Effective Week, which will begin on November 19th and will end on November 26th. The second event in November will involve Terrakion, with its five-star raids, which will be available from December 26 to 17. Finally, there will be the Festival of Friends, which will be available from November 27 to December 2.

It remains at this stage the expectation of events that will characterize the next months of the game, which will be announced by the same Niantic. Please note that Pokémon GO is currently available as a free download on all mobile platforms, for iOS and Android devices respectively. And you, you always play hard? Let us know below in the comments!