Person 5 – walkthrough & characters review 2019

Persona 5 is one of the best RPGs of this generation, thanks to a super style, an original setting and a very deep gameplay.

The Persona series has always represented the trendy soul of Shin Megami Tensei. This spin-off, in fact, combines the classic and rigorous mechanics of the main series and its mythology with a modern setting, usually linked to the Japanese school environment. A winning union, given that it has given life to a truly original hybrid in which players are engaged both in fighting fierce demons, and in living a normal student life, so as not to arouse suspicion about their “hobby”.

Persona 5 starts from the same bases of the previous chapters to offer a new cross-section of modern Japan, without however forgetting to improve its game formula in practically every aspect.

As usual, the protagonist is a young boy who, for the most disparate reasons, in this case for being wrongly accused of aggression, is transferred to a new city and a new school. Here he will not only discover that he has arrived in an even worse environment than the one he started from, but also that he possesses fabulous powers that allow him to evoke a Person, or a physical manifestation of his inner self.

This ability will allow him to come into contact with a parallel reality called Metaverso, a universe populated by demons in which the innermost desires of the human soul take shape, transforming places that in reality do not have anything special into odd and complex buildings. The professor who sees his students as slaves will transform the school in which he works in a castle, while the artist who steals the talent from his disciples will manifest his own self in the form of a bizarre museum.

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The cast of characters is charismatic and well blended.

At the center of these buildings is the most hidden desire. This is represented as a kind of priceless treasure. And it is here that the Phantom Thieves come into play, the elusive group of Persona summoners that the protagonist gathers around him to help people harassed by these little tyrants. Stealing that desire, in fact, the owner of the building will suddenly feel drained of his greed and will collapse under the weight of his own guilt feelings, admitting his brutal crimes to the authorities.

All simple? Not exactly. On the one hand, in fact, the police will begin to look suspiciously at these sudden changes in mood and will begin to investigate not only the shady deals of the owners of the buildings, but also the reasons that led them to confess their crimes.

Furthermore, reaching the treasure preserved in the center of the various buildings will be rather complicated, as these are strongly controlled by the defense mechanisms of their owners. Impersonating Thieves we will not be able to proceed with our heads down but we will have to move stealthily through the corridors of the building using covers to avoid the pitfalls that would raise the security alert level too much, which would force them to abandon the company for that day, both to surprise the enemy behind.

Only in this way will we be able to start the fight first, accumulating a fundamental advantage to wipe them out before they can do too much damage. The system used by Persona 5 is an evolution of SMT’s classic Press Turn Battle System, which will push us to exploit the weak points of the enemy to prolong the combo potentially to infinity, so as to never leave the battle ball to the enemies.

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Every screen, even during fights, bursts with style from every pore.

In fact, by knocking down an opponent, we will get an additional move by which we can continue the attack or pass control to the partner who will get a damage upgrade. Once all the enemies are sitting on the ground we can decide whether to start with a global or parliamentary attack with them, in order to obtain useful objects to continue exploration or to enlist them in our ranks.

This is because the protagonist can wear more Personally at a time, inheriting their skills. To get stronger and stronger demons it will not be enough to level up, but we will also have to merge together those captured in order to obtain even stronger variants able to inherit some characteristics from the “parents”.

The combat system is therefore the evolution of what was seen in the previous episodes, with the added possibility of making it even more fluid and dynamic than in the past thanks to some useful precautions to help the neophytes or to make the possible farming phases less boring. Once you have discovered the weakness of an enemy, simply press a button to hit it automatically, without having to remind yourself from time to time what to use. Moreover we will be able to program a sort of artificial intelligence of the companions so that they fight independently.

Thanks to these devices, even the exploration phase of the buildings has become much more interesting than in the past. We will not simply have to walk the long corridors fighting with everything that moves, but we will have to stealthily move from one shelter to another, looking for secret passages or how to overcome the many puzzles that block progression along the levels. It will not even be possible to complete the buildings in a single attempt, but we will have to return to the reality several times to retrieve information or take useful actions to continue exploring.

The many levels of difficulty also help to find the level of challenge that best suits our needs, so as to dramatically expand the audience to which Persona 5 addresses. The fights, in fact, thanks to the many options of combat but also of automation, can be modeled both to flow away in an almost automatic way, and to let us choose every single move, so as to maximize the damages and minimize the resources.

In Persona 5, though, we won’t have to simply fight to catch and fuse demons or get stronger, but we’ll also have to carry on a normal high school student life. In fact, “normal” people have no way of seeing or perceiving the Metaverse and therefore could not understand and share the actions of the young protagonists. For this reason we will have to try to carry out the investigations in the spare time that school activities will leave us available.

In fact, every action taken will inexorably slide the hands of the clock forward. It doesn’t matter if we use the time to study in order to get prepared for exams, go out with friends to strengthen our emotional bond or go to the cinema so as to improve our figure. Everything we decide to do will be useful for the purposes of the game. Having a strong bond of friendship with the many co-stars present in Tokyo will not only allow you to have bonuses during the creation of the linked Persons, but will unlock useful skills in combat, such as the possibility of passing the turn.

Finding a part-time job will allow us to have more money to invest in items of recovery or equipment. Studying or enhancing your character will open up new options for dialogue or otherwise inaccessible play. The activities to be followed are very many and the balance of the social life of the protagonist with the need to go to the Metaverse to become ever stronger Phantom Thieves or to steal some treasure before the inevitable deadline, not only will it be a pleasant pastime, but it will contribute to build a strong empathy with the various protagonists, which will be strengthened every time we discover a new facet of their character or as the events become more complex and obscure.

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Despite the cheerful and light attitude, typical of youth, in Persona 5 rather hot topics will be addressed such as abuse, violence, prejudice, bullying and suicide. Particularly current issues in modern Japan, which however do not fail to have great similarities with what happens in our schools or on the streets of our cities.

An influential politician who uses his power to get the boy who blocked him in trouble before committing violence on a woman, a professor who uses his lessons to harass the students, a girl who attempts suicide from too much pressure that the family and the community have put on its shoulders: they are strong themes, not very usual in a video game but, thanks to the cut given by the developers, they are never heavy or intrusive. Everything is seen through the eyes of a teenager large enough to begin to notice the world around him, but also sufficiently enthusiastic and innocent to face everything with optimism and carefree.

The protagonists, by literally tearing off the mask imposed on them by society, thus become not only positive heroes but a true example of courage and integrity capable of inspiring others not only in the game (thanks to the fake fansite dedicated to Thieves Phantom), but also in everyday life.

If we really had to find a fault it is that Atlus has reworked both many of the themes of the old games and the archetype of some characters. The reckless friend, the talking animal in search of his identity, the beautiful but easy-going friend or the mysterious and somewhat rigid girl, are figures already developed in Person 3 and 4. They still work, especially if inserted in a completely new context, full of novelties, stories and things to do, but they lack a bit of originality. This has nothing to do with the return of some cyclic characters like the good Igor or the various demons, or the return of the Velvet Room as a place where the protagonist accepts his own destiny.

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The buildings can no longer simply be crossed, but must be explored paying attention to the guards and the alarms.

Unfortunately for us, Persona 5 is only dubbed and subtitled in English, an element that could severely limit the spread of the game due to the many written texts. However, it would be a real shame given the overall quality of the work.

In fact, every menu, every color combination and every character of Persona 5, oozes style from all the pores. The character design is typical of the series, in other words exceptional, but what amazes is the taste with which a cinematic cut has been given to each intermission film or to each menu.

From the purely technological point of view the work is not impressive, we are always talking about a game born on PS3 and also brought to PS4, but we challenge to say that the overall result is not appealing and pleasant to see, as well as to listen to. The music, all exquisitely jappo-pop, is extremely catchy and will pleasantly accompany every change of rhythm or situation in the game. As if this were not enough, they will quickly enter your mind without leaving you.

Atlus has also worked hard to try to simplify some aspects that are a little difficult for the Western public to come back from the previous chapters. To answer the general culture questions that will be asked during the lessons, in fact, we will be able to ask for “help from home” by connecting to the network to see what all those who played Person before us answered. It is said that the majority of players have answered correctly but could help. The same method we can decide to use it to find out what the players have chosen to do on that specific day of the week, in order to get an idea of ​​what is best to do to advance in the adventure.

Furthermore, taking advantage of a convenient “teleportation” system, we will be able to arrive directly at the place required by the mission without getting lost between the mazes of the Tokyo subway or the busy commercial streets of the city.

Thanks to these devices, the Persona series aims to get more and more out of the Japanese-style role-playing niche and to present itself as a modern product, fun, easy to learn but with an enviable depth. A game capable of captivating at first glance thanks to an unmistakable style, to then capture us with charismatic characters and a non-trivial story, told with the lightness and the brio typical of adolescence. A product that mixes Nordic and Eastern mythology, Japanese traditions with a modern setting, adult themes with a colorful and young style.

A crazy mix that will drive the most crazy, and that thanks to the skill of the developers is capable of being exquisitely balanced in every component, as well as genuinely fun to live.

Persona 5 Royal will arrive in the USA in 2020

Through a press release, ATLUS announces that Persona 5 Royal , the enhanced version of its JRPG Persona 5, will also arrive on the Western market starting in 2020.

An announcement trailer was also published for the occasion. You can take a look at the release below.

The Phantom Thieves make their highly anticipated comeback with Persona 5 Royal, available in the West in 2020!

Two years ago, Phantom Thieves stole the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Now, they are ready to come back with Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced version of ATLUS ‘acclaimed JRPG Persona 5.

Announced at Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019 in Tokyo, Persona 5 Royal expands the extraordinary world of Persona 5, introducing a series of new characters, gameplay features and insights into the lives of the very elegant and enigmatic Ghost Thieves with their problems and troubles . Players will even experience a new third semester at the Shujin Academy that has never been seen before!

Below you can take a look both at the trailer that debuted at the show (for now only in Japanese) and at the announcement movie of the game’s release in the West.

Please note that Persona 5 Royal will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.