Path of Exile 2 and PoE Mobile are on the way

Grinding Gear Games made several announcements during the ExileCon held last weekend in New Zealand, where the headquarters of the studio is located.

The most important is Path of Exile 2, the sequel to his successful ARPG F2P Diablo style. It will include a campaign with seven acts and new systems of gems and ascension among others. At the end of the story mode will be given access to the same endgame that can be played at the end of the original, Atlas of Worlds.

Path of Exile 2

According to the creators, the sequel allows them to introduce changes that would break the existing characters of the original title in a great update.

The Path of Exile 2 beta will not arrive “before the end of 2020”; The final title has no date.

The second title announced was Path of Exile Mobile. GGG seems to have taken note of the reception of Diablo Immortal; In addition to launching a trailer with a certain humorous tone, the studio wanted to make it clear that its intention is to carry out an internal development.

In the video they highlight that when they launched Path of Exile the F2P model had a bad reputation, but they still managed to convince the community with their work; They hope to do the same with the mobile version of PoE, whose main difference with the original will be that the levels will be shorter to accommodate the platform.

There is no date for Path of Exile Mobile.

Path of Exile Mobile

While the two titles announced are under development, the New Zealand study has committed to continue releasing quarterly updates for the original Path of Exile; These improvements will also be available in the sequel.

The next expansion is called Conquerors of the Atlas and focuses on improvements to the title’s endgame, such as five new bosses, a new bow system, changes in the gem system or the Metamorph League, which allows us to combine monster DNA to Create battles against custom bosses.

Conquerors of the Atlas will be published on December 13 on PC and next week on PS4 and Xbox One.