Minecraft will meet Diablo in April next year

If you’re like me and you thought Minecraft Dungeons were an adventure-style role-playing game extension so far, get ready for something: The thing is a top-down dungeon crawler and it has a release date on the X019 – or at least a time frame to get

The good piece will be released in April next year on Xbox One, PC, Switch and PS4, making it the next game of a Microsoft studio, which also appears on competing platforms.

Four players fight cooperatively through loot-filled monster dungeons, which string together prefabricated, designed rooms in a procedural manner and thus keep them variable. At the gamescom this all looked quite appealing, even though we are in full spin-off mode here and for dungeons no RTX raytracing is expected, as for the main game.

Because Dungeons was developed on a different engine.

Anyone who signs up on Mojang’s website has a chance to be one of the first to enjoy the title. Sounds like a beta.