How to use Black Panther’s shockwave in Fortnite challenge

The challenges of the week have arrived in Fortnite , and a challenge requires us to use Black Panther’s ability, the Kinetic Shockwave.

The Marvel theme has spread throughout Season 4, with Earth’s mightiest heroes and some from faraway planets all landing on the island and making it their home, fortifying themselves for what will be an epic showdown with Galactus. , who is on his way and determined to alter the reality of Fortnite forever.

With superheroes like Thor, Wolverine, and villains like Dr Doom and many more already appearing in the game, this week it’s Wakanda’s Black Panther’s turn, and you’ll have to get up close and personal with the King if you want to complete this task for the week. 6.

Black Panther has already made quite an impression in season 4, with its monument popping up in the south of the island, complete with a giant statue of the creature and some good loot to steer you towards a Victory Royale.

With the new challenges launching this Thursday, October 1, it appears that Black Panther will appear on the map, and players will need to use their Mythic Item to shake an enemy and then deal damage to them, thus fulfilling a Fortnite challenge. The kinetic shockwave will knock your opponent back and temporarily stun him, meaning you can quickly switch to another weapon and take him out, accomplishing the task quite easily.

How to complete the Black Panther challenge in Fortnite

Unfortunately, Black Panther hasn’t made it to the game yet, but it will set foot on Fortnite Island  sometime today, so we’ll be sure to update this article with its location so you can go there and take it down. And get the skills.

Meanwhile, you can go to the limited time modes to get the skill and complete the challenge.