World of Warcraft’s Guide – How To Install WOW Addons

Hi guys. In today’s article I bring you a small guide on how to install your addons in World of Warc raft comfortably and easily at the click of a button. There are some that greatly facilitate some tasks within the game. Go for it.

How To Install WOW Addons 2020 Guide

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The most comfortable option today to install wow addons in World of Warcraft, is through Twitch . In order to do so we will have to go to the Twitch page and from there download it and follow the instructions that are given to us to install it.

Once installed, we must either log in if we already have an open account, or if we do not have one, we must create a new one by entering the data requested.

Once we have it installed, we open the program and go to the Mods tab  located in the top bar. When you open the tab, we will see the different games that Twitch supports . We will give World of Warcraft and another tab will open with a list of all the addons that were installed. To install any other addon we must go to the Search for more extensions tab and a list with the most popular addons and new versions will appear.

To search for a specific addon, we must go to the upper right and enter the name of the addon we want to find. Once we have entered the name, the list will be updated and the addon we are looking for or those containing the word with which we started the search will appear.

To install the one we want, simply click on the Install button and it will automatically be installed in our World of Warcraft folder .

It is advisable to have the game closed when addons are being installed or updated so that as soon as we open the game again, the changes are made automatically.

Twitch also allows us to update the addons in a simple way, for this, we have to go to the list of installed addons and if there is an update, a button will appear next to the addon indicating that we can update it. We will simply click on the button and it will automatically update.

Another of the things that Twitch allows us is to remove or reinstall addons easily. We will simply have to go to the list of installed addons, find the addon we want to uninstall or reinstall and click on the name. This will open a small window with options. In that window we simply select Reinstall or Remove according to what we are interested in doing with the addon.

If for any reason, we do not want to have a Twitch account , we can always Install WOW Addons manually. The first thing we should do is get the folder of the said addon. We can download it from different pages or get it from a friend who has it. The best known pages to get these addons folder are CurseForge and WoWInterface .

When we enter the main page of one of them, we will see a list of games and look for World of Warcraft. We click on it and the addons page will appear automatically. We will have a great list with the categories and a function to search for addons. In this page, we will look for the name or we go through the list of all the addons until we find the one we want to install. Once we find the desired addon, we will see that there are two Install and Download buttons . We will choose the Download button and click on it. Doing so will take us to a page to notify us that the download will begin shortly.

Once we have the file downloaded, we will unzip it so we can get the folder or file from the addon. When we have it, we must go to the installation folder of World of Warcraft . You can locate this folder normally in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ World of Warcraft . When we are in the game folder we will look for the Interface folder . Within it we will find the addons folder , open it and there we will paste the folder or file that we have downloaded from the page. Once this is done, we will have the addon installed.

How To Update WOW Addons

To update an addon manually you just have to follow the same steps of installing the addon, but this time as the folder already exists, the operating system will tell us if we want to overwrite the files. It is necessary to give yes to all the files, since if any file is not overwritten, the addon will not work or it will have many failures. If we are not very sure about overwriting the files, we can simply delete the addon folder and paste the new one. This step is very important, so we must do it well so that it does not give us problems.

How To Delete WOW Addons

To delete addons manually we must go to the addons folder  that will normally be located in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ World of Warcraft \ interface \ AddOns . There we will have to look for the folder with the name of the addon that we want to delete. Once we have found it, we simply delete the folder and it will be uninstalled. It is important that we have the game closed, but the operating system will tell us that it cannot be deleted because some program is using it.

To delete the saved options from the addon, we must go to the World of Warcfrat folder located in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ World of Warcraft and find the WTF folder , open it and enter Account . Inside it, we will surely see one or more folders with some numbers or names, each of these folders represents an account, we must look which is ours. The easiest way is to enter a folder and search for a folder with the server we play on. If it does not exist, it is probably not our account, but if we have several accounts on the same server, we simply enter the server folder and see folders with the names of our characters. This will confirm that we are in the correct folder.

Once we have found the folder of our account, we open it and inside we will see another called SavedVariables , we also open it and we will see several files. We look for the files with the name of the addon that we delete and delete the .lua ”and“ .lua.bak file .

This will only erase the general addon options. Many addons have no general settings and / or also have special settings per character. To delete these settings we must return to the account folder. This time we will not enter the previous SavedVariables folder. What we will do is open the server folder where we play and use the addon. Within that folder, we will see others with the name of our characters. We enter the folder of our character and there will be another call also SavedVariables . We open it and as we did with the general options, we delete the .lua and lua.bak from the addon that we want to remove.

How To Activate WOW Addons

To activate an addon we simply enter the game and connect with the character with which we want to activate the addon. We open the game menu and click on the Addons button . A menu will open with a complete list of all the addons we have installed. To activate or deactivate an addon, we just have to click on the box to the left of the name of the addon and restart so that the changes are applied.

And here everything I wanted to tell you, if you have any questions about something you can ask me and if I can I will answer you gladly. Merry Christmas to everyone and see you in Azeroth!