How to download FIFA 21 before the release date

FIFA 21 is now available for pre-download ahead of the annual title release date on October 9 – here’s everything you need to know to prepare ahead of time and download EA’s new game.

The next FIFA title is on the horizon ⁠ – in ten days, to be exact – but some players can already enter the game or prepare their downloads in advance.

If you’re on Origin (PC) and have an EA Play or EA Play Pro subscription, you can download and preload FIFA 21 right now. The same applies to Xbox One players; do you have EA Play? So FIFA 21 is already waiting to be downloaded to your console.

Here’s how to prepare it all:

How to pre-download FIFA 21

  • Turn on your PC or Xbox One.
  • Head over to the official EA Play app.
  • Select from the list “FIFA 21” and choose “Get”.
  • Go back to your game library.
  • FIFA 21 will now appear among your own games.
  • Select the game FIFA 21 and load the options.
  • Click “Download Game.”
  • Head to the Downloads tab to check.
  • Once the download is complete, you are good to go!

Things are a bit different if you choose to play FIFA 21 through PlayStation 4 or in the Steam app on your PC. Both platforms are separate from EA’s release, and pre-download times are decided by Sony and Valve respectively.

With early access you can play up to 10 hours of the title, but for the official launch you will have to wait until October 9. Nor is it much drama, and more if you can already download the game to be well prepared or prepared in advance, right?