Halo: Reach may be released on Xbox One today! Master Chief Collection early December on PC

Tonight, starting at 9:00 pm, Microsoft will stream its X019 and will undoubtedly announce one or another exciting new project. There may even be a surprising instant release of a game at the end of the show.

As the colleagues of TrueAchievements have observed, there is much to suggest that Halo: Reach may join the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One tonight.

Overnight, apparently, the release data of the Master Chief Collection were adjusted. First on the 3rd of December, then on the 14th of November, which would be today. Even the displayed time matches the X019. Even if not spoken directly by Reach, this is the logical candidate.

TrueAchievements indicates that dates and times are changing, but Reach was promised until the end of the year, and the timing of the change is suspicious.