Half-Life: Alyx introduced, but only for 1 percent of players

It’s such a bitter announcement.

On the one hand, there may first be the undisguised joy that the legendary series will get an official sequel after so many years. On the other hand, only about 1 percent (of the owners of a VR headset connected to a PC this summer is a million) of all active monthly Stream users (about 100 million). In the Czech Republic, given the high prices of headsets, this is likely to be far less than 1 percent of all players. However, if companies like Valve, in a similar way, did not push for the widespread deployment and advancement of modern technology, we would probably still be in the days of Doom …

Introduced Half-Life: Alyx for Virtual Reality tonight will be set among the events of the first and second episodes of Half-Life. The Valve call it a full-fledged game built from the ground up for CoR purposes. So you need to own something like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Valve Index (with Free-2-Play).

Half-Life release date

Completing took moderator Geoff Keighley a good 15 hours (or more or less than his predecessors), and it is said to be a real experience: a proper successor to Half-Life with a rich world, engaging struggle, wonderful story telling and innovative design environment.

The debut trailer below – the release was confirmed for March 2020 for 45 euros, just as speculation said . The development was helped by the creators of Firewatch from the Campo Santo studio (owned by Valve).

Of course you will play for Alyx Vance, the only chance humanity has to survive. Alien domination has intensified since the Black Mesa incident and is now following the remaining population in cities, including the best scientists on Earth.

As the founders of the Resistance, you continue your research activity, which has given birth to invaluable tools to serve the bravest people who will face Combine. Every day you learn more and more about the weaknesses of your enemy.

Gameplay will remain true to the roots of the series, ie interaction with the environment, solving puzzles, exploring the world, and fighting opponents in sight. You will learn to aim through a hole in the wall, hack alien devices or lure enemies thrown by a bottle from the window.

Along with the game running on the Source 2 engine, SDK tools come out, allowing any player to create additional content. Those who pre-order the game by the end of this year will receive alternative skins, themed content for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and an environment for SteamVR Home.

To the non-VR version, the authors said they would love to make it to play with the mouse and keyboard, but as the development progressed, they were increasingly aware that many of the possibilities VR could give them back on the keyboard. If you can control your hands differently from the head, everything moves in 3D at the same time, you will understand that it simply cannot replicate with the keyboard and mouse. Once you are accustomed to these gaming mechanisms in VR and see what ways this interaction opens up, you will fully realize. So it’s definitely not just a truc or secret exclusivity agreement with VR headset manufacturers.

First screenshots below – HW requirements include Windows 10, Core i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600, 12 GB RAM and GTX 1060 / RX 580 – 6GB VRAM.

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