GTA Online Guide -Diamond Casino – New Vehicles, Penthouses, Pricing

GTA Online Diamond Casino: When is it available?

If you’re a GTA Online veteran, this may sound familiar. Downtime for all DLCs usually starts at 10:00 am (UK time) and the patch is now available for download with a size of 3.5 GB. PC and Steam patches are a bit smaller but are also available now.

You can see the Rockstar ad trailer below:

“The massive construction project at the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard is almost complete, radically and forever changing the Los Santos city skyline,” the press release says. “When the brand new Diamond Casino & Resort opens its doors, everyone is welcome to come in and play, or simply stay in the state’s most luxurious residence.”

“As well as being where you can let go of your inhibitions and your notion of the passage of time, The Diamond is the ideal place for high quality entertainment, luxurious living and a range of experiences you will find nowhere else. . “

Where to find Diamond Casino at GTA Online

As the Rockstar ad says, you’ll find Diamond Casino at the intersection of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard. More generally, in the northeast corner of Los Santos, to the right of Vinewood and above the main section of Mirror Park.

New activities include Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machines and an indoor track where you can watch and even bet on horse racing.

In the lobby, you can spin the Lucky Wheel for chips, money, unique clothing and even a new vehicle: the Truffade Thrax supercar. The grand prize – a car – will change from week to week.

In addition, the Casino store has a number of new spinning clothes that you can buy.

On top of The Diamond you can enjoy a life of pleasure in the Master Penthouse, sitting by the roof terrace which includes an infinity pool. Penthouse owners have a VIP membership allowing them access to VIP Lounges, High-Limit Tables and a “host of special services through Penthouse phone service that includes planes, limos and more.”

“Renovate your residence with a host of plans you can upgrade to, including a private spa with an ever-available personal stylist, a bar and a party area perfect for hosting other members and featuring retro arcade games or a media room where you can enjoy. Don’t Cross the Line games and contemporary Vinewood cinema like Meltdown and The Loneliest Robot In Great Britain, “reveals the ad.

“As an owner, you can select from Penthouse’s color palette and patterns and cement a place among the LS rich with a wide range of modern Casino store art – from refined portraits to pop art and modern sculptures – that can be moved and moved. placed throughout your property. “

Penthouse owners also become members of The Diamond family, allowing them to embark on new quests. He participates in these new co-op tasks for owner Tao Cheng and his employees, protecting their interests as “a family of corrupt and petrochemical tycoons”.

On completing these missions for the first time you will receive special prizes, with the latter giving you access to a new vehicle.

GTA Online Diamond Casino – Penthouses, Vehicles and Prices

So far, you’ve had a more general description of the Casino DLC coming to GTA Online. Now it’s time to get into the specifics, including the prices.

Although DLC Casino does not contain any new weapons, it will have 5 Casino Work Missions and a total of 22 new vehicles to drive.

Cost and Prices of Diamond Casino and Penthouse

I bet what you really want to know is the price you’ll have to pay at GTA Online’s Diamond Casino, right? You can buy a basic casino membership for $ 500.

To get the cheapest Penthouse – the Crash Pad – you’ll have to shell out $ 1.5 million.

If you want the best Penthouse of all and upgrade your suite completely, High Roller will cost you $ 6,533,500.

If you want a more intermediate option, Party Penthouse costs $ 3,776,500.

You can also create your own custom suite with a base price of $ 1.5 million.

And if you have Twitch Prime you can get Master Penthouse for free!

How to buy a Penthouse on GTA Online:

  • Open your phone and go to the internet app
  • Then on Eyefind, click on the Sponsored Diamond Casino ad
  • Then click on the top right where you can read “The Penthouses”
  • Finally, select one of the options to start shopping.

GTA Online Diamond Casino – New Vehicles

According to Tez2 leaks, we will have 22 new vehicles throughout Casino DLC.

As you may be expecting this update, there are a number of luxury sports cars that you can buy, as well as SUVs and very stocky cars:

  • 5 Super Cars
  • 6 Sports Cars
  • 3 Sports Classic Cars
  • 2 Offroad Cars
  • 4 Muscle Cars
  • 1 Motorbike
  • 1 SUV

Of all these new vehicles, only one can be converted into a weapon – it’s the armored version of Paragon R where you can still mount machine guns.

Six new vehicles are available today. Here’s your location and prices below:

New GTA Online VehicleLocationPrice
Annis S80RRLegendary Motorsport$ 2,575,000
Truffade ThraxLegendary Motorsport$ 2,325,000
Enus Paragon RLegendary Motorsport$ 905,000
Obey 8F DrafterLegendary Motorsport$ 718,000
Weeny Issi SportSouthern san andreas$ 897,000
Vapid Caracara 4X4Southern san andreas$ 875,000

GTA Online Diamond Program Rewards

Launched along with this new point of interest is the Casino’s Diamond Program, which gives players the chance to enjoy all the resort has to offer.

Once you have purchased your Penthouse, you will automatically be given a VIP subscription, which gives you “skills and rewards”.

When you purchase Master Penthouse, you will have a Silver Status VIP subscription. With it you’ll get the artwork “She’s Loaded” and a Diamond Classic t-shirt.

Once you have completed the second co-op mission, “House Keeping”, you will get a Gold Status VIP subscription. With it, you’ll unlock a style for the new Truffade Thrax and a Truffade t-shirt.

Once you have completed the 5 Casino Work missions you will get a Platinum Status VIP Membership subscription and unlock the Lucky 7s tattoo and Casino Shop special accessory, the Kronos Ära watch.

To get a Diamond Status VIP subscription, you must complete all co-op missions. This will give you two new styles for two new cars – the Paragon R and the Annis S80RR. If you host the mission, you will get Paragorn; If you join a mission, you’ll get Annis.

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