GTA Online Guide – Tricks, fast money, bounty hunter

Money dominates the world, and that also applies to the city of Los Santos from GTA Online. Whether you want to get a car, a garage or a few weapons, you will always have to take money into account. 

The tricks that we tell you below will help you knead some quick money to start off on the right foot. For this you will find tips and tricks on how to perform the bounty hunter missions, the best there is in the game.

GTA Money: Get a lot of money Online

Keep the money safe

Keep in mind that money may suddenly disappear and may happen sooner than you fear: a treacherous blow from a teammate can hit your checking account well. For this you have a bank account where you can securely deposit your money from GTA Online. When you take more than 5,000 dollars with you the game itself will alert you that it is not the safest thing you can do. We recommend you deposit the money as soon as you can at any ATM.

There is also another option to enter the money: take out your mobile phone and go to the website of your bank. To do so, go to the “money and services” tab of EyeFind and go to the bank page. You can enter or withdraw the money you deem appropriate whenever you want.

Keep in mind, though, that even if you think you are protected from the attacks of other players, you can also die from the actions of the characters controlled by the console: a car can suddenly hit you, or they may hit you a long time for watching you.

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Steal cars

The fastest and easiest way to get thousands of dollars is by stealing a car. Let’s say you steal an alien car, take it to Los Santos Customs and sell it in the corresponding menu for about 5,000 or 10,000 dollars. You have to follow certain rules.

Most importantly: You can basically only sell one car every day – or every 45 minutes in real time. Also, you can’t get rid of all cars. The luxury ones are quite complicated to find, and they also attract a lot of attention and are more necessary, since they can be easily sold. Look for normal coupes or average family cars (SUVs). Generally these are the easiest to find: Dubsta ($ 7,000), Salazar ($ 8,000), Ocelot F620 ($ 8,000), Baller ($ 9,000) or Lampadati ($ 9,500). Be careful when stealing them so that the police don’t catch you.

An alternative to Los Santos Custmos is Franklin’s former boss, Simeon Yetarin, with whom you will meet during the course of the game. When you want to contact him, you can do it through the phone.


Although GTA Online jobs are more comparatively effortful, they usually offer a good handful of money – although not always. The requirements of the jobs you can do with your friends / groups differ considerably. Depending on how complicated it is, the reward will be higher or lower. Jobs also offer the advantage of making new contacts to carry out more well-paid jobs.

Lucrative missions

Normally missions require a certain amount of time, a certain team or are simply ridiculously difficult or badly paid. However, some missions can be overcome in a few minutes and get some money. At level six, for example, you can make drug deliveries with Gerald via mobile phone. With the right weapons for the mission you can generate about $ 3,000 in five minutes – a good sum for this level. It is even easier and faster to play the group mission.

As your level rises you will receive offers for more lucrative missions, not only with Gerald, but also with Lester and Martín Madrazzo. Here we show you a few missions so you can earn a few dollars.

Down the Drain
The mission is available quite soon and offers you about $ 3,500 in two or three minutes.

Meth’d up
This mission is available at level 7 and must be played with three or four men. After three or five minutes you can quickly generate $ 5,000.

American Cycle
The right mission to train the resistance that can offer you about $ 6,000 after two or three minutes.

No Bronca
This mission is available at level 9 and you will complete it in five minutes. As a reward you will take 9,000 dollars.

Violent Duct
You can complete the mission from level 15. After three or five minutes with three or four friends you will get $ 9,000.

A Titan of a Job
The mission is available to the host from level 24. Ideally, play it with four friends in easy to get about $ 10,000 after five or ten minutes.

Base Invaders
For this mission you must have reached at least level 27. After ten or fifteen minutes of work you will take 25,000 dollars.

This mission is not easy, so we advise you to do it with more players. You will have to resist ten waves of attack. Cover yourself well and keep all the entries controlled. If you complete the mission you can take 20,000 dollars.

Mixed up with Coke
This mission offers you a lot of money and it is better that you do it with four players. Depending on how fast you are, you can take 700,000 dollars and 160,000 reputation points. What do you need? The host must have reached at least level 45 to begin the mission. In addition two players must have fast cars as well as adhesive bombs. It will be enough for the other two players to carry grenades. This video explains in detail:

Rooftop Rumble
The mission “Mixed up with Coke” and “Rooftop Rumble” are ideal for getting a lot of money. In less than a minute you can get $ 25,000 and 4,500 reputation points. In an hour you could get about 2,000,000 dollars and 400,000 reputation points. The host must have reached level 75 for the mission. You can find everything you need in this video: