6 games similar to Among Us for Android: the best alternatives

Were you looking for a games similar to Among US? Then download one of these alternatives.

Due to its addictive gameplay and simple mechanics, Among Us is a game that is currently very popular in all parts of the world. Thanks to this, it is normal that you want to live a similar experience with some other mobile game. For that same reason, today we present you 6 games similar to Among Us for Android . The best alternatives that you can enjoy on your smartphone!

Although the servers sometimes crash, there is no denying that private games of Among US with friends are perfect for having a good time. However, in the Google Play Store there are also other similar options that will allow you to spend several hours of fun.

What kind of game is Among Us exactly?

among us

Among Us is a casual game in which between 4 and 10 players participate, one or two of them are impostors and must kill the rest without anyone noticing . Players who are not assassins have to do missions and try to discover them. Each game ends when the impostor (s) are discovered, when the crewmen finish missions, or when all players have been killed.

The game has a voting system that is very fun . If you saw the corpse of any of the members of the ship, then a button will appear that says “Report” so that you can report the murder and start a vote. In these votes, you will have to explain through the game chat (if you are not with your friends in an app to make calls) where you saw the body and who you think the murderer was. Players have the option of voting for the possible culprit or skipping the vote. If the majority vote for someone, this person dies (whether or not he is the imposter).

Did you get to be the murderer? Well, you will have to blatantly deceive the other players in the room so that no one will discover you . As you must be imagining, this is one of the most fun parts of the game.

Best Games similar to Among Us on Android

If you were looking for games similar to Among Us to enjoy with your friends, then take a look at the following list. They are all very addictive!

Town of Salem

Of all the Among Us-like games on this list, Town of Salem is the one that offers the closest experience. We are talking about a title in which 7 to 15 people play divided into different roles such as mafia, serial killers, arsonists and others . If you are one of the good guys you must track down the mafia before they kill you, but if you are one of the bad guys you will have to do mischief without being caught. As you’ve surely noticed, it’s a very Among Us-style game.

Human: Fall Flat

In Human: Fall Flat, up to 8 players will be trapped in a chaotic landscape from which they will have to escape . To do this, you will have to go around until you find an ingenious way out. Without a doubt, it is a casual game that will be able to entertain you and your friends in a similar way to what Among Us does.

Fall Dudes 3D

Fall Dudes 3D is an online multiplayer game that is in beta version and is notably inspired by Fall Guys. Here you will put all your skills to the test to overcome a lot of tests and obstacles . In addition, it has nice graphics that will help you stay hooked in front of the mobile screen. Both Fall Dudes 3D and Among Us have everything you need to have a good time laughing in front of your mobile screen!

Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online is a multiplayer game for up to 16 players. In each game you will belong to the team of villagers or werewolves, and you will have to fight to be the last team standing . Use all your special skills to discover the roles of the other players and convince your colleagues to work with you.

Stick Fight: The game

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a fun game for mobile devices capable of making you and your friends have a great time . It is an online multiplayer title in which you will fight using the popular Stickman.

Challenge your friends and the many Stick Fight players in the world . Control the figure to run, jump and fight. Fight in 4 vs 4 fights to show who is the best!

Fun Race 3D

It’s true, Fun Race 3D and Among US are titles with a very different gameplay. However, both are free and just enough for you to laugh out loud with your lifelong friends . Here you will compete in a group, you will get new levels and you will unlock new characters. As if that were not enough, playing Fun Race 3D is very simple, just press and hold to run and release to stop!

If you like this games similar to Among Us and you wanted to change your smartphone before the end of the year, then take a look at this article with the best game guides to play Among Us . Take your experience to another level!