How to play Free Fire on PC with an Android emulator!

If you can’t play Free Fire – Battlegrounds on your phone, or you just prefer to play on the computer, we have a very simple solution. Follow our guide and learn how to install and configure Free Fire for PC.

In a few minutes, you will be able to compete in this game against players from all over the world, in a bloody Battle Royale for mobile phones and tablets.

1. Download and install the Android LDPlayer emulator

It’s no surprise to say that mobile games, by themselves, don’t work on computers. They are made in a different way, with other types of requirements and platforms to play. For that reason, it is mandatory to use an emulator to play on PC.

Our recommendation is to use the Android emulator LDPlayer , since most games run perfectly. When you install it, it will ask you for your Google Play account information, as if your computer were a cell phone.

It is the most complete emulator there is, as it allows you to make graphic alterations, configure controls, among other details. These options allow us to play many Android games with good fluency. If you like handling these kinds of options to improve Free Fire performance , or you have a modest PC, this emulator is perfect for you!

LDPlayer emulator
LDPlayer emulator

Since LDPlayer is quite customizable, we can improve the FPS rates in many games, including Free Fire . You can change resolutions, RAM usage, shortcuts, etc. The image above indicates where the settings button is located. A menu will appear, and that’s where you can do everything we’ve mentioned.

2. Download Free Fire on Pc

You can download Free Fire in LDPlayer through two virtual stores: with Google Play Store, as if you were on a smartphone or tablet; or with the LD Store itself, an application from the creators of the emulator. The LD Store icon is on the initial screen of the program.

download free fire

To download the game, just search for ” Free Fire ” in the LD Store. Click on the game and press “Install”, just as you would with any Android application. It only remains to wait a little until the download is finished, as it does not take up much.

free fire download
free fire downloaded

Start the game from the same virtual store or by pressing the icon on the main screen. If you do not have an account, you must remember that registration is mandatory and, in addition, that will allow you to save your experience, statistics, victories, objects and unlocked characters.

3. Free Fire – Configure the controls

To play Free Fire as in any shooting game, it is necessary to configure the controls in LDPlayer. In this way, you will make better use of the keyboard and mouse to move, aim, drive and, of course, do a lot of headshots .

To configure, we have to press the button on the keyboard that is in the upper right corner of the program. We show it to you in the following image:

free fire settings
free fire settings

As this game has been created to be played on cell phones and tablets, there are different areas on the screen dedicated to different touch commands. To play with keyboard and mouse, simply assign the keys you prefer for each function. In the following image you have an example of a final configuration, but you can change the buttons as you want.

free fire hack

We recommend first going to the Free Fire configuration , in the “Controls” section and the “Custom HUD” button. Once you get a screen similar to the image above, enter the LDPlayer menu to configure controls. Change, create and remove buttons as you like. If you do it this way, you can prepare the controls before entering a game and not during, as it can be dangerous.

However, to configure vehicle control well, it is necessary that we are in a game. Get into a car or motorcycle, make sure you are away from other players and optimize the buttons as needed. You must position the buttons well to accelerate, brake and drive the vehicle.

Improve emulator performance for free fire

In addition to these graphical system alterations, which are highly recommended for older computers, it is also good to activate virtualization. That means that your PC, to make the emulator work, will use more resources and allow the games to run much better. And what does it mean that they run much better? That it will be more comfortable to play and easier to win! free fire for pc

To enable this virtualization in Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Press the F2 or Delete button when your computer is starting up.
  2. Access the configuration (Configuration).
  3. Find the Virtualization / Virtual Technology option and select “Enabled”.

When you have everything configured, you are ready to face other players and achieve that long-awaited victory. Of course, you will need to follow a specific strategy.