FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT) – how to best manage the team

EA Sports has made available to FIFA 18 users and players of Ultimate Team (FUT) , the new edition of the Web App that allows you to manage your team as you would from the menu of your game on consoles or PC, comfortably from the browser of the your PC. On this page we will explain how to make the most of this useful tool, which will save you a lot of time.

First of all, you will be able to manage every aspect of your team’s management (you can do everything you can from the game, except play games), plus it offers several advantages that we will illustrate on this page.

The web app went online on September 22nd, a few days ahead of the game’s release. But only those who had received an invitation, or had played the previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team could have access to them in advance. Furthermore, another necessary condition to use it beforehand was to have created a security question / answer by 30 August 2017.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT) Web App – How to log in and how it works

To access the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT) web app , if you have not received the WebStart invitation , you will need several steps before you have access:

  • Have an Origin account
  • Have a security question / answer set
  • Have a copy of the game for any platform (without it you won’t be able to log in if you haven’t had the invitation)

Security authentication is a mandatory process imposed by EA Sports. First you will have to set the security question / answer, (or even more than one if you are paranoid!). Secondly, two-step authentication will be required: every time you log in from a new browser you will have to enter the code that EA will send you via email to guarantee access from the new location (but you can save secure accesses to bypass this check ). From your Origin account you will be able to see if any suspicious accesses have been made. Alternatively, you can choose whether to use an app like Google Authenticator instead of the Email method.

After completing these security procedures, you can finally log in. If you have never played FIFA Ultimate Team, and you have not even entered the game, you will be asked to create a team and give it a name, otherwise the system will by default import the data of the team previously created in the previous year’s game.

At this point you will be given free packages, variable if you have played one or more previous versions of FUT, and the welcome package offered by EA (you will receive it on the game, if you performed the first access from there).

So, in summary, with the first access you will receive the following freebies from EA (variable based on what explained above):

Starter Pack : EA provides you with the equipment to start playing and earn credits, then 34 cards (29 of bronze, 2 of silver and 3 of gold). The players of this package will not be transferable on the market, and will have very long contracts of about 40 games. After receiving the package, we advise against slinging into online races, as you will surely find better-equipped opponents than you. Instead, start with offline tournaments, which will guarantee easier challenges and credit prizes for winning the cup.

Welcome Back Pack : If you have played old FUT versions, EA Sports will be grateful, giving you different packages based on how many editions you have played in the past, and how much and how well you have played within each one.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT) Web App – Daily Awards

For a limited time, as happened last year, EA Sports offers you daily prizes for accessing the Web App. They are random and something quite rare can happen to you. For example, today the package you see in the picture below happened to me.

Today’s award given to us is a Bronze package . However it seems that the gifts are completely random and different for each user.

Redeeming these packages is very important to get a good start with FUT. In this mode, in fact, the credits generate credits, and if you remain at zero you will not be able to do anything, the contracts will expire, and you will not have credits to buy extensions or other players, in other words you will find yourself in difficulty. You will therefore understand that it is very important to grab these packages to find valuable items to sell in the transfer market, so you can start with a good budget.

We estimated that an initial credit between 10,000 and 20,000 credits will allow you to set up a fairly competitive team.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT) Web App – Quick methods to accumulate credits

Playing on the market : if you have a lot of time, know that this topic is very much discussed by Youtuber and specialized blogs. Everyone has their own theory or best method on how to earn credits easily on the FUT Transfer Market, a bit like the stock exchange. Finding advantageous offers and players at a much lower market price than usual is quite simple. At the moment there are about 2 million players in the market during peak hours, so there is no shortage of offers. As usual, the best advice is to buy in the most unlikely hours (night or early morning), and sell at peak times (from late afternoon to after dinner).

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – how to earn FIFA Coin quickly when the game is launched

FIFA 18 – How to earn credits through SBC or SCR (Pink creation challenges) available at launch:

Below is a video that explains how to create a great team of Premier League players with 20,000 credits.

Market Transfers: Earn 10,000+ credits per hour

If you love the management aspect of FIFA 18 FUT, much more than playing the games themselves, this method is right for you. It will allow you to accumulate a good number of credits in a relatively short time.

  • Find a highly sought after player, but cheap enough to afford it with your scarce initial resources. You can orient yourself on the players of the Premier League or those of the Liga. Choose a player whose role is often not covered , as a defensive midfielder or full back, remember that you have to look for a player whose demand exceeds supply .
  • Realize your average offer, just follow a few auctions and put your name as your research and get an idea in a few minutes.
  • Start placing bids. Remember to take advantage of every purchase (at least one or two thousand credits at a time). It will be advisable to move towards the third page, in order to be the first to bid (a buyer who has the same intentions will be oriented towards cards without offers, if he already finds an offer placed by you). This means that you will have to place a large number of offers, because many will be exceeded. If you don’t have much time, in the meantime do something else, play games, or go to school or work. On return, check the auction results.
  • On average, you will conclude between 10 and 30% of the bids placed. Once you get the cards you sell, you sell, you sell. The more money you make, the more you can accumulate. And then you can move to higher tier players and repeat the same procedure, earning much more with each transaction.

59-minute stratagem

This trick worked very well during the FIFA 18 Webstart, given the lack of competition on the market. Now it will be much less effective, but it can happen that it is useful, especially at night. Choose your filters in the Transfer Market, and set the 59th minute in the settings. At this point, grab the cards you find at a super cheap price via the “buy now” option. One hour is the most popular iterative market cycle, and one in which the most advantageous deals can be found.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT) Web App – Solutions to the most common problems

– I’m registered with Origin but can’t access the Web App.

The FUT 18 Web App is available only to users who have a copy of the game for any platform and have created a security question / answer. If you are new players, you will first need to log in from the console to access the Web App and the iOS and Android Companion App.

– I can’t log in to the FIFA 18 Web App. A message says “Try Later”.

Try changing the browser or cleaning the cache, if it doesn’t work, update the flash player and the extensions. It could also be a server problem and not yours. In this case, be patient.

– I can turn on the Web App but the Transfer Market is not available

If you played FUT 17 in a different console than the one for which you intend to buy FIFA 18, the Web App and the Companion App may not give you access to the market. The same could happen if your account is associated with different identities. There is an icon at the top right of the Web App window that allows you to change identities, but it will only be visible if you have played FUT 16 on two different platforms. If you receive this message without re-entering the above categories, it could be a server problem.

– I can’t find my Daily Gift

Daily gifts are available from September 20 and for a limited period, and only one is given per day. However, if you do not log in for a whole day, the gift of that day will be lost, you won’t find it.

– I do not receive the confirmation codes and therefore I cannot log in

EA requires you to confirm that you really are requesting access, via a confirmation code that will be sent to you via email for each access from a new browser or computer. If you do not receive the codes, check the spam folder. If you still can’t see them, move on to mobile authentication .

– The name I chose for my club is not accepted

EA has included filters in the acceptance of club names. If you have entered bad words or politically incorrect terms, you may have to make some changes