Factorio will leave Early Access in September 2020

Wube Software has set a date at the end of the Factorio early access period.

In this title of management and survival in we must create an industrial framework with which to obtain resources on an alien planet full of hostile creatures.

The development began in 2012 and, after a successful crowdfunding campaign the following year, began its journey in early access in 2016. Since then it has continued to receive numerous updates.

From Wube they consider that the game is sufficiently polished to launch it, but that on the one hand they wanted to introduce some improvements and on the other they had to set a deadline to the game so as not to continue making corrections indefinitely.

Once they release version 1.0 they will take a break time and then return with the intention of continuing to release new content for the title, since “1.0 does not mean that the development is over or that Factorio is 100% finished.”

Factorio will leave Early Access on September 25, 2020.