Destiny 2 Guide – How To Get Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle

In this guide we will explain step by step how to get Bastion , an exceptional fusion rifle whose main advantage, San Cuffs, allows loading to shoot 3 bursts of kinetic posts. Among the other advantages we also find Offensive, which causes a part of the damage of this weapon to avoid elementary shields.

Let’s go with the steps.

Guide to get Bastion

  • Go to Mercury and talk to Osiris to give you the adventure that will allow you to enter the galleries of time. As soon as you have it in your possession, access the galleries from the terminal next to Osiris.
  • What you will find in the galleries of time are basically corridors and rooms with enemies in which there are a series of doors. In front of each of the doors there is a monolith with a symbol. You will have to enter through these doors in a certain order that is given by the following code:
How To Get Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle - Full Quest Guide [Destiny 2 Season of Dawn]
  • That is, when you enter through the door that has the first symbol in front you will go to a hall at the end of which you will find a new room with doors, where you must enter through the one with the second symbol in front and so on. There are 30 doors in total , one for each symbol, and it is not necessary to kill any enemy along the way.
  • After crossing the last door you will arrive at a room with a grave where you can show your respect. At that moment you will hear the voice of San-14, which will give you more clues about its lore, and you will receive two things: a new adventure step and something called the Chronometric Weapon Core.
  • Go to the Tower, go to the hangar and talk to San-14 . Eye, if you go with a character with whom you have not completed all the previous adventures of San-14 you will not skip the new one.
  • The next step is to collect 5 pieces of information from the fallen on the Tangled Coast , for which you will have to eliminate captains or servants fallen there. The best area is Barranco four horns, where ships appear constantly dropping servants. Each fallen captain or servant you eliminate will give you one of these pieces, so it is a very quick step to do.
  • When you have the five pieces of information of the fallen you will have to go talk to the Spider , which will ask you to go to a lost sector of the Tangled Coast called The Tank and end up with a fallen captain known as Aksiniks, Honor Debt . You just have to reach the end of the lost sector to find and defeat it, it has no more mystery.
  • At the end of Aksiniks you will have to talk to the Spider again , which will give you the new adventure step in which you will have to carry out three objectives: complete 10 Spider contracts, eliminate 30 challenging enemies and complete 8 public events on the Coast tangled . Spider contracts may be the ones you want, so take the four normal contracts first, which are the easiest, and then six Wanted contracts, whichever you prefer. The rest of the steps are very simple, since as long as you keep fulfilling the contracts and making the public events you will kill challenging enemies along the way. By the way, heroic public events count as two of the normal ones, in case you want to go faster.
  • Once the three objectives of the previous step have been completed, the adventure will be updated and you will be asked to go to the lost sector Cueva del Trampero , located in the Barranco Cuatro Cuernos area of ​​the Tangled Coast. There you will have to search and investigate a grave . It is located in the lower right area of ​​the first waterfall you find in this lost sector.
  • The next adventure step will ask you to eliminate an enemy known as The Profiled Reysk . If you open the map of the Tangled Coast you will see that in its lower right area there is a new activity called El Cubil Hueco, Remember. It is nothing more than the Assault of the same name and it is enough that you enter it and complete it. In the final part of the Assault you will see that, in addition to the Fanatic, this Reysk will appear. Remove it and go.
  • The last step is to go talk to San-14 , in the hangar of the Tower, and it will give you Bastion .

Video guide to get Bastion in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn