Death Stranding Guide – Where to find Higgs’ secret journals

Warning: This page may contain spoilers of the Death Stranding plot.

Hggs is one of the most mysterious and fascinating characters in all of Death Stranding. Chief of the Homo Demens, carries on an inexplicable terrorist organization in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world. His story, however, does not end with all that is told in the course of the splendid plot, but goes further through a series of diaries that you can retrieve in the game world, inextricably linked to the 56 Memory Chips scattered around the map .

To be precise, there are three Chips that contain 25 pages of Higgs’ diaries and reveal fundamental information to understand his past and everything that led him to become a real villain. Obviously we will not reveal the contents, but only the position to be reached to take over the diaries. Be aware that one of the journals has to do with Peter Englert’s pizza missions, for which we have created a dedicated guide .

First Diary

The first diary is contained in a chip found in the ruins of Middle Knot City . Start from the home of the Craftsman and go straight to the north: once you reach the “wall” of the city, turn left and enter the ruins of the shopping center. The Chip is right in the first room you reach, the one with and escalators destroyed.

Second Diary

The second diary is located in the middle of other ruins, namely those of South Knot City . Do you know where the Rigattiere sends you during a dangerous recovery mission? Reach the ruins of South Knot City, to be precise a collapsed highway. On the remains of the overpass there is a vehicle, and on the back of the vehicle is the chip you are looking for.

Third Diary

The latest series of journals is located inside Peter Englert’s home. There are two ways to reach it: the first is to deliver all the required pizzas, the second is to survive after visiting Edge Knot City. Once back in the Central Region, you will receive an email from Peter inviting you to come to his house. Reach the Peter Englert bunker near Lake Knot City and you will find the last chip on the floor.

The Higgs diaries will allow you to shed light on the character’s past, revealing some spicy additional information