Days Gone 2 in the first hints

Given that April’s Days Gone sold solidly and reaped positive reviews, it’s no wonder that Bend would like to continue. Perhaps it has already got the green light from Sony.

His director Chris Reese for GamesRadar has spoken on this very briefly :

“This is a world where we would like to breathe more life and explore it from many other angles. Who knows we will see. It is our passion and we always wanted to do something like that.”

The first installment received the “PlayStation Game of the Year for 2019” at the Golden Joystick Awards.

Of course, the creators are grateful for such a victory because their determination and hard work paid off. The fact that the players enjoyed the first Days Gone and appreciated everything that was put into it is inspiring for them.

So, although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, Days Gone 2 may arise. The only thing that is certain is that it will certainly not be the start game for PS5 next year.