Clash of Clans Guide – Tips & Tricks for 2020 Players

Here you will find “the best tricks and tips” to master Clash of Clans and defeat your opponents without any difficulty , so we hope you enjoy this 1v1gaming Guide

Clash Of Clans Update 2020

Clash of Clans is one of the most addictive games that you can find available for use on your mobile phone. You may already have certain notions of how to play, but if you just started, you will be overwhelmed by everything you need to do to move forward . Therefore, we wanted to prepare this guide with tricks and tips so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Clash Of Clans hacks & Tips

First of all: on the internet there are many tricks and, especially, hacks to get things in the game. Do not use them under any circumstances , because all you will get, unless you know exactly what you are doing, is to be banned instantly.

How to get raw materials quickly

One of the bases of the game and something you should always keep in mind. In the game there are four raw materials that are used to create and improve your buildings and troops:

  • Gems
  • Gold
  • Elixir
  • Dark elixir

Gems ‘ Clash Of Clans

clash of clans gems

Although they will not be mandatory until you have advanced enough (relatively mandatory, you can move forward without them but it will be extremely heavy), it is better that you try to start accumulating them as soon as possible . To get the gems you have four possible ways:

  • Paying real money (lifelong micropayments).
  • Paying (free) virtual money (the ideal system. You must use Google Play, which will allow you to accumulate credit that you can use to buy coins, or any equivalent app depending on the device you use).
  • Improving the buildings of your village.
  • Destroying trees and rocks, sometimes, gems may appear.

When you accumulate balance, take advantage of the specific offers that can be made when buying packs of gems. Do not use them until you advance a lot , because keep in mind that this is what finances the game and logically, although it is not impossible to get them for free in the way we have indicated, it is complicated.

Elixir / Dark Elixir ‘ Clash Of Clans

This type of raw material is used for things related to the army and troops: create buildings, improve them, etc. This as for the Elixir, the dark Elixir is used primarily to create the Kings and the Dark Barracks .

To get Elixir quickly, you have to spend Gold on building Collectors and a warehouse where you can keep everything. It will not take long to have quite large quantities that will be very useful until you have advanced a lot in the game. Then you will be forced to use the gems, of course.

In the case of the dark Elixir , the thing is much more complicated. Collectors can also generate it, but stealing it is the fastest way to get it. Basically, it’s about making sure you have troops capable of breaking through enemy walls to sneak into their warehouses and steal as much as you can. Keep in mind that players tend to defend themselves rather than attack , so don’t expect it to be easy.

In any case, improve your warehouses as soon as possible because there is a maximum of Elixir and Dark Elixir that you can accumulate. If you generate or get more once you have reached the maximum, it will simply be lost.

Gold ‘ Clash Of Clans

It is not necessary to clarify that, of all the raw materials, this is the one you will need in greater abundance and is the easiest to obtain . Your main source of Gold resources is, neither more nor less, than the Gold Mines . However, you should keep in mind that, as with the elixirs, there is a gold cap that you can accumulate until the stores are better.

If you do not improve your warehouse, you will reach the top very fast and everything you get that exceeds that maximum will be lost. So remember to improve your gold store as soon as you can .

Get experience points

You already know how to get the materials you will use to create new buildings and improve them. However, how do you unlock these buildings and new troops? Well, leveling up, for what you need experience , of course.

Almost everything you do in Clash of clans will give you experience points, the problem is that everything will be done in very small quantities , especially when you have advanced a lot and the sections between one level and another will become unbearable when you have advanced enough with Clash Of Clans.

As a player you have multiple ways to get experience:

Donating troops to your Clash Of Clans

Once you advance a little in the game and join a clan of players , you can “donate” troops to it. The more level the clan has, the more space it will have to donate troops.

Do not forget this point: you can only donate a limited number of troops , but do it whenever you see it possible because it is the only way to get really fast experience , hence it is a fairly “capado” system.

Completing Achievements

Go to the Game Achievements menu and you will see the challenges of the game. You have basic things like removing obstacles and other more complicated ones, like getting to improve your town hall, winning a certain amount of battles, etc. The complete list you can consult ingame without any problem.

Each Achievement has three levels . The first level will ask you to do something X a number Y of times, the second will ask you to do it a few more times and so on. Every time you reach a level you get experience depending on the level reached.

  • Upon reaching level 1: 10 XP.
  • U-pon reaching level 2: 100 XP.
  • Upon reaching level 3: 1,000 XP.

As you can see, it is an interesting source of experience , but keep in mind that it is something you can only do once. When you complete an achievement, you will get the rewards and period, you will not be able to get them again.

Building buildings, improving them

There is no need to explain much about how this works. Simply go enlarging and improving your facilities to get more experience as you expand your wonderful kingdom.

Destroying Town Halls

To clarify the matter: the town hall of another, not yours, animal . It simply attacks other villages and destroys its Town Hall to get a certain amount of XP. Of course, be careful with those who can seek revenge.

Destroying the environment

There are lots of things you can break around your village, obstacles that are spread throughout the mapping. According to the time it takes to destroy an obstacle, you get more or less experience:

  • 10 second obstacles: 3 points
  • Obstacles of 15 seconds: 3 points
  • 20 second obstacles: 4 points
  • 30 second obstacle: 5 points
  • Obstacle of 45 seconds: 6 points
  • Obstacle of 60 seconds: 7 points

Clash Of Clans : characteristics, strengths and weaknesses

Knowing your available troops is quite important. Each unit has its pros and cons and it is convenient that you know how to behave in combat so that you do not use the wrong character in the wrong situation.


  • Type: flying unit.
  • Vulnerable to: anti-aircraft.
  • Strong against: nothing
  • Behavior / Useful for: cannon fodder, nothing special to highlight about these characters.


  • Type: long distance attack unit.
  • Vulnerable to: any target that moves quickly.
  • Strong against: defenses.
  • Behavior / Useful for: quickly end infantry and defensive units. They change their goal with some frequency.

Wall breakers

  • Type: infantry unit.
  • Vulnerable to: mortars.
  • Strong against: walls.
  • Behavior / Useful for: your own name indicates its usefulness. You have to keep them out of the reach of mortars, which will kill them easily.


  • Type: infantry unit.
  • Vulnerable to: Towers of magicians.
  • Strong against: defensive units, infantry, walls.
  • Behavior / Useful for: they are usually used as a decoy to concentrate the enemy’s attacks and flank the target with other troops.


  • Type: infantry unit.
  • Vulnerable to: nothing.
  • Strong against: infantry units.
  • Behavior / Useful for: basic units, the bulk of the troops.


  • Type: long distance attack unit.
  • Vulnerable to: nothing.
  • Strong against: nothing.
  • Behavior / Useful for: used to heal your troops. They take up a lot of space, have only one.


  • Type: flying unit.
  • Vulnerable to: anti-aircraft units.
  • Strong against: it is immune to attack by cannons and mortars.
  • Behavior / Useful for: If you have eliminated the anti-aircraft and you have wall breakers waiting for the destruction of mortars, this is your unit.


  • Type: long distance attack unit.
  • Vulnerable to: nothing.
  • Strong against: infantry units.
  • Behavior / Useful for: they are very effective as support units for infantry. They take a long time to create, yes.


  • Type: infantry units.
  • Vulnerable to: nothing.
  • Strong against: walls.
  • Behavior / Useful for: the final lure. You can accompany him with a Healer if you want. Since he has an immense amount of life, all enemy troops have to focus on attacking PEKKA, giving occasion to attack with the rest of your troops with more freedom.


  • Type: infantry unit.
  • Vulnerable to: infantry.
  • Strong against: walls, infantry units, long-distance attacks.
  • Behavior / Useful for: Just as PEKKA has a lot of life and a lot of defense. Ideal for use as a lure and shield, accompanied by a Healer to make it resist even more.