Borderlands 3 Review

Five years have passed since the last Borderlands, and apart from the fact that it was Pre-Sequel, it has been seven years since the regular second episode. However, even after that time, older Borderlands parts are well playable (not to mention the recent number one remaster), and I was wondering if developers could trump the older parts.

From the county, I can say that Borderlands 3 is still at its core the same “Loot-and-Shoot” shooter with all the trimmings. too risky to change its nature. It’s worse with the story and the main negative characters. Threes are not failing in this respect, just the developers set the bar too high in the first and second episodes. they sometimes catch the eye, but they start to crawl your neck very quickly.

Borderlands 3

  • Manufacturer: Gearbox / Take 2
  • Distributor: Cenega Czech
  • Platforms: PC / PS4 / X1
  • Location: in English
  • Release: September 2019
  • Price: from 1799 CZK

New game characters

But the controllable characters seemed great to me. Apart from Amara, who is the Siren’s deputy, I liked playing either the robotic entity FL4K or the operative Zane. Both characters have a disposition for a more tactical game, which fits me a lot. For example, Zane uses the display of his electronic clone to distract attention, and has a special drone that can be used in addition to autonomous shooting to attack a specific target and be a mechanical partner in the weapon. Interestingly, Zane is able to use two special abilities at the same time, unlike other characters, but has to give up the possibility of throwing grenades. However, if necessary, it can be switched back to the operation of one ability together with throwing grenades at any time.

FL4K is a sexless creature, but it has different kinds of beasts under its thumb. During combat, for example, he can launch winged monsters that throw bombs at the target. The biggest advantage, however, is that you can permanently associate a monster with the behavior of a loyal dog. This companion then defends you everywhere, helps in the fight and according to the selected type and brings something extra. For example, one beast continually replenishes your health while taking care of your weak opponents. Another species is even equipped with its own pistol and can throw radioactive barrels on enemies. Since FL4K is ideal for long-range combat (sniper), it may seem like a top choice for cooperative play, but worse for a single player. But the appearance is deceiving, all of the characters are fully adapted for single player play, so there is no need to worry.

The last character is a girl called Moze, who at first glance may seem too ordinary and does not offer such tactical toys as others have. Her main skill, however, is to summon the monster Iron Bear, which is nothing less than a battle moss, where she sits down and furious cannonade everything around the bone. The limitation is that both movement and shooting quickly consume fuel, after which the Moze must jump out of the mecha and continue to fight on its own. The machine must time out before this machine can be recalled. The disadvantage is that if you and Moze are trying to summon a moss to a terrace or a location where there is little space, this skill does not activate, which in the middle of a firefight, when you desperately need a prick, can quite upset.

Gunfights less fun than in Rage 2

The gameplay of Borderlands 3 is still as good as the previous episodes, but if you were expecting some news in this area, you would be rather disappointed. On the other hand, you are offered a traditional menu consisting of lots of main and side tasks, boss fights, heap of loot boxes to open, and of course the constant development of your character and collecting better pieces of weapons or shields. Related to this is the “favorite” activity, comparing the statistics of newly found and already owned weapons. Too bad that the developers did not make this feature completely us, I feel that it is now doing even more breakneck than the two and number one. a much more variable environment, because events are not limited to the planet Pandora, but you travel through space to various other locations that are diametrically opposed.

Gunplay or shooting sensation can also be described as traditional because it is excellent and enjoys as always. However, when I think of the recent game Rage 2 ( review ), which has completely different flies and a much more limited game world, I must admit that shooting into enemies was a bit more fun. I mean the dynamics of battles and the feeling when you shoot an entire enemy camp. In Rage 2, you just enjoy a furious and sometimes funny action, while in Borderlands, gunfights are professive in places and Claptrap’s quirks come next.

To understand each other, it is not bad, I just enjoyed this in Rage 2 better and contributes to the other conceived graphics. The Borderlands comic design is simply its own, while the Rage 2 has a lot of graphics with a lot of effects and great physics. It is a pity that Rage 2 will simply get tired after some time, while Borderlands 3 will last tens of hours in singleplayer and cooperation and you will enjoy it all the time.

Console vs PC

I played Borderlands 3 on Xbox One X in 4K with HDR on. Although basically the graphics are very similar to previous works, everything looks much better. In general, this game is so far better prepared to run on consoles, which I do not understand much. While playing I did not notice any visible fps drops and I played comfortably, while the PC version is still bothering.

Leaving aside the exclusivity of Epic Store, it is much more fatal to breathe the game even on powerful assemblies, indicating poor optimization or unprepared cutscenes for 21: 9 monitors, which is a bit incomprehensible today. But when the technical problems on the PC are resolved, I will almost certainly skip to the PC version, for more comfortable operation. I can’t help but the Borderlands game doesn’t play very well on the gamepad. You can learn it, headshots are also quite successful, but if I want to play in the style of sniper, I do not know better game controller than a good mouse and keyboard.

Overall, Borderlands 3 can be summed up as a safe bet (evolution) that will delight and of course entertain you again. Story three, however, lags a bit and some degree of disappointment could be felt by those of you who expected the new episode to be better in every respect than its predecessors.

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