Best Sims 4 Mods In 2020 – ( UPDATED LIST )

Adding Best Sims 4 Mods is the perfect way to expand the gameplay of this already extraordinary life simulator. 

Thanks to these you will not only be able to get new houses, hairstyles and household items, but also functionalities that will completely change your items.

Thanks to the hard work of the simmers you will find all kinds of personalized content to mold the video game at your leisure but, with so much to choose from it is easy to feel overwhelmed. 

In today’s article we will show you what we consider the best mods for The Sims 4 . All of them have been tested and work perfectly so… what are you waiting for to download them? but first let’s find out what are Sims Mods .

What are the mods for The Sims 4 and what are they for?

As the name implies, the mods are modifications created by users that add new features to The Sims 4 . 

You will find mods of all kinds, some of them have been thought to improve the Sims creation system (new hairstyles, types of eyes, teeth, complexion, skin tones, etc.), others add new personality traits , there are also mods of new houses and then there are the big packages that add new features to the game . 

Among them, for example, we will have improvements in the AI ​​of The Sims, we can add stories and dramas in the neighborhood, new careers, interactions, objects and frankly everything you can imagine.

Before you start installing anything, what do you need?

To install mods in The Sims 4 you don’t need any specific program, just:

– The files of the mods, which you will find on websites such as modthesims or The Sims Resource . 

If you wish, you will also find selections of mods for The Sims 4 on the same Softonic website, for example here we offer you 8 very interesting mods .

– A program to decompress files, such as WinZIP or WinRAR (it is very likely that you already have one installed). 

Important: Some mods require that you have installed one of the expansion packs or content packs of The Sims 4.

We recommend that before installing anything always take a look at the description of the mod to make sure that it will be compatible with the game version that you have in your team. 

If the mod requires an expansion that you do not own, you will not be able to install it unless you first purchased the product.

Steps to install mods in The Sims 4

1. Check if there is any game update

Before you start installing anything it is convenient that you make sure that your version of The Sims 4 is completely updated. 

To do this you will simply need to open Origin , find The Sims 4 in your game library and within its options click on the update button .


It is important to have the game updated to ensure that none of the mods you install in the game can cause any kind of incompatibility.

2. Download the file with the mods

As we have already told you, one of the first steps to follow to install Sims mods is to download these files to your computer . 

You will find thousands of websites where Simmers will share their creations but we especially recommend large pages such as modthesims to download your files. 

These are updated very often and you will always be sure that the mod you download has been tested by other players and works without any problems.

3. Unzip the downloaded files

Most of the mods you download come compressed in .ZIP or. RAR . Unzip all its content to your hard drive and then move it to the relevant folders. 

You will see how some of these files are in .pyo , .package or .ts4script formats ,

do not try to unzip them because you only need to move them to the mods folder.

4. Paste the files into the Mods folder

With your .ZIP or decompressed .RAR file, it’s time to copy its contents to the Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods folder .

 You will see that in this folder there is a file called Resource.cfg ; do not delete it, since it is the file that allows the mods to work in the game.

Anyway, if you mistakenly delete this file, nothing happens, since it is generated again once you start a game in The Sims 4.

5. Create folders for different mods (additional step)

If you want to have control over the mods you install, we recommend that you organize them by folders . 

For example, you can create folders by type of content (“Clothing”, “Build mode”, “Modifications to Create a Sim”) or by specific mods (“Rock group shirts”, “Eye colors”, “Mod for delete the pixelated from The Sims ”).

6. Activate the mods in the base game

Once you have the files copied in the mod folder, it’s time to activate them in the game. 

To do this, it will be necessary to enter the main menu of the game and press the «Esc» key to access its options.

7. Enjoy the mods in your game

Now that you have installed these mods you can apply them in your game.

If you wish, you can take a look from the game options menu and after pressing «Other» , select the option «View personalized content» .

 As you will see some are simple aesthetic changes while some add options to the game and improve its playability.

Recommendation: Create a backup of your mods

Although it is not strictly necessary, it is always recommended that you create a backup copy of both your mods and your saved games and the personalized content of your Sims. 

To do this, simply go to the folder called Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims4 and make a copy of the sub- folders «Saves» , «Mods» and «Tray» . 

In this way, if at any time you delete the program or decide to install it on some other device, you will recover your families, mods and additional content.

Experience and discover new ways to play

The mods give The Sims 4 new ways to play, since they include additional material in the game and in some cases even new features for your games.

Do not be afraid to use them and experiment with them: keep in mind that if someone makes your game close it is enough that you delete it so that everything returns to normal . 

That’s why we recommend that you keep track of all the mods you install using folder divisions.

To avoid dislikes it is also recommended that all mods you download are from reliable pages. 

If you doubt any file, do not hesitate to use some antivirus software to ensure that the file you have downloaded does not contain any type of Trojan or malware that may put your computer in check.

 If you do not have any installed, we recommend that you try the free version of Avast , it is very reliable and ensures the protection of your equipment.

A mod has stopped working after an update of The Sims 4. How can I reactivate it?

It is very common that as the Sims 4 update some of the mods stop working . 

In most cases you should not worry because fortunately, the Simmers community of this video game is very active and will be offering updated versions of the mods . 

To reactivate them simply access the website from where you downloaded the mod and see if there is a new version for it . 

Once this is done, download the updated mod and install it following the steps in this tutorial. As simple as that!

Is there any other method to add additional content to the game?

If the idea of ​​adding mods created by users does not appeal to you, this does not mean that you are going to keep a version of The Sims with fewer options. 

Maxis offers a very good selection of both expansion packs for the game and additional content to add new features and gameplay to the title. At the moment these are the ones that have appeared in the market.

Mods to get more races for our Sims

In addition to shaping your appearance and personality, one of the fundamental options when creating our own Sim is to choose your work concerns . 

The base game incorporates many professional careers to follow although if we have an ambitious Sim, they can fall short.

Fortunately there are mods that add new careers to the game and with them, ambitions and added activities. We highlight the following:

Funeral Service Employee

If your Sim has always been fascinated with death, nothing better than becoming a funeral service employee . 

This mod includes 10 levels where your Sim can practice as an apprentice, hearse, embalm, carry out cremations and have his own funeral empire.

Employee of the Ministry of Magic

The fans of Harry Potter will get that job finally wanted in the Ministry of Magic through your Sim. 

This adds several job levels as an employee in the Post Office for Lechuza , the Office of Wrong Use of Magic or even becoming Auror . This mod is perfect in combination with the one Hogwarts adds to your neighborhood, you can find it by clicking on this link .


This mod recovers the fun career of Hacker already present in The Sims 2 . Thanks to it, your Sim will be able to immerse you in the darkest regions of the Internet, exercising from basic tasks such as Beta Tester to becoming a professional Hacker and even being hired as a security specialist for large companies.


Turn your Sim into a buccaneer thanks to this new professional career.

 Thanks to her, your characters will start as simple sailors and can aspire to climb ranks both in the branch of navigation and captains offshore and those engaged in war and naval conflicts .

Mods to improve the emotions and personality of the Sims 4

If you have been playing this life simulator for a while, you will know that your Sims do not stand out for keeping calm . 

Any event, however trivial it may seem, will cause them to explode with happiness or decide that it is better to go to the pool and remove the ladder. 

It is also common for them to be guided solely by impulses and needs , having a personality as complex as that of a toaster.

To solve this bipolarity there are mods that add variants to the spectrum of emotions of these characters as well as a bit of personality.

Emotional Inertia and Meaningful Stories

As we have already told you, The Sims usually lose their papers with anything, turning them into real emotional time bombs. To balance your mood there is the Emotional Inertia mod .

 This one has been created by sim roBurky and modifies the behavior of your Sims so that they are capable of having much more realistic reactions . In this way, your characters will appreciate a little more of the small pleasures of virtual life without thereby ending completely unhinged with happiness or depression for any event.

This mod also created by the simmer roBurky ensures that our character behaves logically with his friends, loved ones and situations around him. In this way, the Sim will act differently when, for example, he is close to a beloved relative or his emotions flow more naturally if he is close to his partner. 

In turn, the feelings of happiness and sadness will be in accordance with the relationship that the Sim maintains with that character , easily depressed if for example he has fought with his best friend and downplaying him if he is an unknown Sim or that he simply dislikes .

Have some personality, please!

Have some personality, please! It is an interesting mod created by the renowned PolarBearSims simmer that, as the name implies, will improve the personality of our Sims . 

These will add actions and reactions that are always linked to the personality we have given to the Sims in the character creator.

 In this way, interactions and their way of acting will always resemble the personalities of each Sim, preventing everyone from acting in the same way in the long run.

But not everything ends here, Have some personality, please!

 It also adds a lot of actions and reactions with babies and pets as well as more rare characters such as the always mysterious aliens.

Best Sims 4 Mods to adjust the sexual orientation of our Sims

While The Sims is a game where relations between members of the same sex have always been present , it is also very real that there is no method to choose the preference of our characters .

 For example, we can have a Sim married or with a same-sex partner but having his AI make him fall in love with someone of the opposite sex at some point. In this type of situation, it disappoints that the game is not able to detect if for example we are facing a homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual Sim, completely breaking the personality of our character.

Gender Preference

As the name implies, Gender Preference is a useful mod with which we will be able to select the sexual preference of our Sims. The mod has been created by Azoresman and it allows you to select if our Sim is attracted to men, women, both sexes or simply does not have an established preference.

Best Sims 4 Mods to make our Sims have a life of their own

As a life simulator, The Sims allow us to guide which puppeteers the lives of all the characters resident in the game. Although being the orchestra master of this virtual world is frankly fun, sometimes it is much more rewarding to see how they unfold alone and discover secret plots between characters. Unfortunately, the unmodified version of the game is very limited in this aspect and it is common to see how all the Sims that we do not control behave in a robotic way and with hardly any personality. To solve this problem there are really interesting mods.

The Explore Mod

This mod created by KawaiiStacie adds activities that your Sims can do on their own without having to be constantly watching them. For example, you can send a shopping Sim himself and come home later with new clothes that fit your taste (and not necessarily yours). This creates fun situations such as that your Sim goes innocently to explore and becomes completely ruined by having spent all his money on games of chance or for example returning home with an unexpected girlfriend. Ideal if you want to see how your Sims unfold on their own and are looking to surprise you.

Life’s a Drama

Do you want your neighborhood to become the scene of a real soap opera? Life’s a Drama is a mod that adds to your neighborhood situations worthy of the best soap opera , giving it a depth that until now it didn’t have. For example, you can see how your neighbors fight in the garden of your house, how a bride runs away from a wedding, you can see how the robber on duty steals a neighbor’s house, etc.

The interesting thing about this mod is that it will allow you to act as an observer of all these events so if you wish, you are part of them . In addition to all this, the mod includes extra actions such as accusing a Sim of infidelities and all kinds of functions to create all kinds of drama in the game.

Best Sims 4 Mods to change the personality of your Sims

When we create our Sims we must add character traits that will determine how they will act and also how they will relate to the rest of the characters. Although the game as so includes enough options to customize your Sims, it never hurts to add some more features so that the title resembles one more quito to real life.

Traits Bundle 1

If you want to download many personality traits for your Sims at once, we recommend that you take a look at the Traits Bundle 1 mod created by KawaiiStacie . This includes nothing more and nothing less than 40 personality traits among which we find the feature “fun”, “unpopular”, “sleepy”, “talented”, “introverted”, “gamer” … and much more!

New Hobby Traits

This mod created by kutto adds personality traits focused specifically on hobbies . Among them is the feature of “cinephile,” “horticulturist,” “competitive,” “artisan,” and “technophobe” among many others.

More CAS Traits for Sims

If the number of personality traits of your Sims seems insufficient … why don’t you add some more? With the More CAS Traits for Sims mod from chingyu1023 you can add all you want so that your characters have a personality as complex as you want.

Varied mods for The Sims 4

Some mods change functionalities of the Sims 4 but it is difficult to include them in a specific category. We hope you like them.

Risky Wohoo & Try for Baby Chances

This mod created by PolarBearSims adds the possibility that all Sims who flirt very explicitly or without rest have the possibility of becoming pregnant without having to select the “Go for a baby” option. In addition, it includes new complications during pregnancy as well as causing infertility problems in The Sims .

Default Easel Paintings Replaced

Tired of your Sims constantly painting the same pictures? Thanks to this modification by DaisyTighfield you can add dozens of completely new paintings and different types of art (abstract, realistic, romantic, surreal, pop art, etc.)

Custom Food Interactions

If you have a Sim kitchens, you will love Custom Food Interactions . This mod created by TheFoodGroup adds new interactions with kitchen objects as well as new recipes to turn your breakfast, lunch and dinner into a much more interesting experience.

You don’t know what mod to install? Opt for MC Command Center

If you are not convinced about what mod to download and install on your computer … why not try MC Command Center ? This mega-mod created by the Deaderpool simmer is a collection of small modifications that allow you to change aspects of the life of our Sims and also of the NPCs that inhabit the neighborhood. If you want information about the different MC Command Center mod packages, we recommend that you take a look at their website by clicking here .

None of these mods for The Sims 4 interest me. Where can I find more?

As we have already told you, The Sims 4 offers endless mods thanks to its active community of simmers. 

If you have not found the additional content you were looking for in our list, we recommend that you check out the Mod The Sims website . 

This contains a large part of the mods available for the game and is updated very regularly. You can reach it by clicking on the following 1V1GAMING.

What is your favorite mod for The Sims 4? Share it with us in the comments section.