Age of Empires 4 will unveil Today

Until now, it was only in the plane of speculation if, besides the remaster of number two, there will be the debut of number four on X019. It did not even appear in the official invitation .

The ice moved a few hours ago when Microsoft marketing chief Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft threw a tiny lure on Twitter with an eagle flying over a forest landscape.

He gave it directly to his personal account, not to the official brand or the one from Relic, which is a little strange.

The words about the “New Age” can be interpreted differently, either the game comes to a new age ( according to the poster it is supposed to be in the Middle Ages with castles ), or it simply means a new part of the series.

Anyway, we have officially and definitively confirmed that tomorrow we will learn about Age of Empires 4.

We do not know if it will be another rendered movie, which would be disappointing after so many years, or the first glimpses of playing that are more likely.

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