A Pokémon Go player becomes the first to reach one

She is a Japanese coach and it is estimated that she has had to capture about 800 monsters every day

Kyarorina's profile, which has exceeded one million catches in 'Pokémon Go'.
Kyarorina’s profile, which has exceeded one million catches in ‘Pokémon Go’.

For the first time a Pokémon Go player has managed to reach one million catches . This coach is called Kyarorina and has shared her achievement with a photo that summarizes her incredible numbers.

This Japanese player has captured 1,000,004 Pokémon; He has won 76,242 battles; and has traveled for it more than 20,477 kilometers . In the networks the fans calculate that to get those figures, Kyarorina has had to capture about 800 monsters every day, saying that he would have done so since the day of the game’s launch.

A friend of this coach, known as Reversal, has told Reddit that Kyarorina plays a lot and does several daily exchanges of Pokémon , and all this without exclusive dedication because she has a full-time job.

Pokémon Go was launched 3 years ago for iOS and Android phone and, although the number of players has had ups and downs since then, the game is still a success.

In October, Niantic announced the arrival of the GO Fighting League . It is based on Coach Fights in which one player can compete against another in a one-on-one battle system. This new modality is expected to arrive in early 2020 .

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In addition, Pokémon Go will allow small and medium businesses with physical locations to request their presence in the game . Owners may pay $ 30 a month to have their own Poképarada with the possibility of sharing promotional material within the game.