10+ Sites to Watch Anime Online Free October 2020 – No Downloading & Sign Up

If you are a fan of anime & you want to watch anime online free, it is almost certain that you want to be updated on that topic. There will always be someone who says that it is best to download the episodes or buy the DVD / Blu-ray. But what if that is not an option for you? Or maybe, the anime you follow is on air, should you wait for it to end to see it?

In those cases, we turn to the always reliable anime streaming websites. There are many pages on the internet whose objective is to provide the episodes as soon as they leave. Most also store old series and some even allow downloading.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who prefer a mobile device to a computer, there are also options for you. There are apps for exclusive smartphones and tablets for anime series playback.

But how to choose the best option? Well, with our list of the best sites to watch anime in 2020. Keep reading, and choose wisely.

Best Websites to watch anime in 2020

1 – Crunchyroll

watch anime free online

Crunchyroll is a legal anime website, with the best series collection and available in almost every country. The website has similar features to a Premium site, although some videos can be viewed for free.

If money is not a problem and you care about quality and legality, Crunchyroll is your best option. By becoming a Premium member, you will have access to the latest series, manga discussions and much more

You will also be able to watch the most recent episodes, with only one hour of difference with the broadcast in Japan. Of course, being Premium frees you completely from the advertisements of the site.

And if you’re still not convinced, you can always make use of the free trial version. For 14 days you can use the site as a Premium user, and if you decide, you only pay $ 6.95 per month. What are you waiting for!

Check out Crunchyroll on this link .

2 – FLV anime

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AnimeFLV is one of the best websites to watch anime in Spanish. The page aims to provide a wide catalog of anime that is not transmitted in open signal. The interface is very comfortable, and advertising is not intrusive.

The anime episodes are hosted on external servers, which can be accessed from the site. As an additional bonus, every day the web offers you the “Anime of the day”. If you don’t know what to see next, we recommend you follow the suggestions.

Go to AnimeFLV from this link .

3 – AnimeMovil

watch anime online free

One of the things I like most about this site is its simplicity. Unlike many other websites, in this one, what stands out are the new episodes and now. Also, when you see them, there are no rare buttons or surveys. Just the button to give play and comments.

It is true that you have the publicity that will open a popup, but if you have the active adblock, that will not happen. Another aspect to highlight is the possibility of downloading the episodes directly from the page, that is, without having to choose between MEGA, Zippyshare or others of the style.

Go to Animemovil from this link .

4 – JK Anime

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JK Anime is one of the best free web portals to watch anime in Spanish and in HD. On the site, the series are in alphabetical order, which facilitates the search. It also has an excellent search engine, which you can use if you are looking for a special series.

In JK Anime there is an extensive collection of series, both new and classic. In addition, the site offers information on each anime, start date, end date and number of episodes. You will also find OVAs, movies, special episodes and a “Top 10” selected by the administrators.

Wanting to try JK Anime? Enter this link .

5 – AnimeID

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AnimeID is one of the most popular websites to watch anime for free and in high definition. The portal has anime series in multiple languages ​​and subtitled in Spanish. Among its content, you will find training series, OVAs, movies and classic series.

AnimeID offers the category of “Most Viewed Episodes in the Week”. In it, you can browse among the most viewed and popular series of the website. You can also subscribe to the site to receive updates, browse the news or like on their Facebook page.

Enter AnimeID by clicking here .

6 – AnimeMovil2

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It is a fairly simple site that allows us to access a huge category of anime, the best thing about this page is that it does not have rare buttons, or surveys that subject us to computer dangers, because with just one click we can enjoy what we want.

As almost all sites that offer free content have advertisements , and it is true that when using it we will open some other popup, but if we have a good ad blocker we will have no problem.

Visit AnimeMovil2 by clicking here .

7 – 9 Anime

where to watch anime for free

If you are an anime fan and you love watching anime online, then 9 Anime is your perfect destination. This amazing site is almost ad free and hosts many of the epic series we all love.

In 9 Anime you can find subtitled and dubbed English anime. The site also allows the episodes to be downloaded, in case you prefer to have them on your computer or tablet.

To go to 9 anime, click here .

8 – Anime Haven

AnimeHaven is a website that offers high definition anime for free. The page is just over a couple of years old, but it is quite consolidated. Many viewers have it first choice, and this is thanks to their technical team.

Apart from streaming in HD, AnimeHaven also allows direct download from the site. Not only that, but along with your favorite series, you can also download the soundtracks. It is the complete package!

Access AnimeHaven through this link .

9 – AnimeBlix

anime streaming sites

This is an excellent site to see those anime that we like so much, it has a fairly simple and beautiful page structure, but very well organized , where each series can be found in alphabetical order and according to its category, and to facilitate our task of Search has a web search engine.

Each of the series has a small synopsis, which explains what it is .

Check out AnimeBlixfrom this link .

10 – Holanime

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It is a website that offers high definition anime and all without payment . This page has a wide range of series, enough to entertain us. Although it is a bit old site, it has an optimization that allows us to navigate quickly.

The page allows you to watch high quality streaming series, and also has the option to download The only detail is that dubbing anime is not usually available, although it is subtitled in English.

Enter Holanime by clicking on this link .

11 – Hulu

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Hulu is one of the best apps available for anime streaming. It has a pretty decent series collection, including a lot of popular series. The service itself is quite easy to use. You can choose between an economic and limited subscription, or pay a little more for a subscription without advertising.

The only drawback of Hulu is that its anime collection may be a bit inconsistent. Some series may have a season with dubbing in English, the other subtitled and the third again in dubbing. The above, Hulu is a good option to watch anime from the mobile.

Download Hulu here .

12 – Netflix

Netflix is ​​practically the best streaming app, both for anime and for series and movies in general. The service offers a variety of anime with subtitles and dubbing, which also includes original series produced by Netflix.

There are three different types of subscriptions, each with particular limitations. The basic package ($ 7.99 per month), with a single simultaneous screen and without HD or ultra HD content. The standard ($ 9.99 per month), with two simultaneous screens and only HD. And the premium ($ 11.99 per month), without limitations.

And if you are not convinced to purchase the service, you can always subscribe for a month of free trial.

Download Netflix here .

13 – AnimeFenix

watch anime 2020

AnimeFenix ​​is ​​probably one of the most popular sites today, with different features offered to enjoy online or offline content through the option of downloading files.

All audio versions are completely original but subtitled, if we can find some dubbed ones but in English. AnimeFenix ​​is ​​a site that has forums that will make us a very entertaining moment , all dedicated to that great fan of Japanese animation.

Visit AnimeFenix from here : Link

Some Streaming Problems you might face While viewing content through These Platforms?

Watching series (anime) on the Internet is very funny, but the one that is entertaining does not mean that it is good, as we know that publishing series of any kind without any remuneration to the author violates the copyright, which in some way is penalized .

Many pages that allow us to see these contents, subject us to different risks , which can be harmful to our lives.

Mentioning this thought, we can investigate and see that the Internet can ruin everything thanks to the different people known as cyber drills.

Links that download malware

We know that more than once it has happened to us that we are going to download a file and inside or without wanting we also download a virus , and this happens because they are pages that do not give us security when downloading a content.

Many pages want to deceive us, placing double links , where one is to download a virus while the other is to download the file, which indicates that we must always be aware of pages like these, because the main function of a virus is to steal our information.

Fake players that lead to other content

Almost every page that allows us to view online content through its streaming platform, directs us through a link to fake players, which then tells us that to continue we must download a package, when in reality it is a hijacker virus that forces us to see different advertising content

The redirection structure and page layout can be so convincing that we may be tempted to download these files, but if you have encountered this situation, or when faced with a similar situation, it is better not to download anything .

 Fake pop ups reporting non-existent errors

Fake Pop-ups are very common today, because they appear on almost every page that offers free content. These give us windows with notices saying that you have just won a prize, or that your PC or device has been analyzed and it has detected failures in the disk or anything else, so convincing that anyone would fall into its trap .

As in the previous case, he suggests downloading files, arguing that it is to solve our current problem, or presents us with a form to supposedly give us the prize, but both cases are false.

The main idea of ​​this situation is to steal information or own our device , which we do not want.

Solution to see this content: use an ad blocker

Although it is annoying for many because it prevents us from accessing many sites that are full of advertising, but the reality is that it is the best solution to these problems. There are many advertising blockers, some payments and others not, the difference between them is efficiency , but to begin with, a free one is not bad.

Final Words From 1V1GAMING

As you can see, there are lots of options to be updated on when to the world of Japanese animation. Either through web pages or from your mobile devices, you no longer have an excuse to miss your favorite series. You can even download it! If you are a slow internet connection or just like to collect.

Of course, the ones we show you here are just a small sample of everything on the internet. If you already use any of our options, or prefer a different one, please leave us a comment! We hope you liked the list, and that you found it useful, or at least entertaining.

And you, how do you watch your anime series? long live the weebs nation 😀